Fallout 3 items at Gamer Graffix


Looking to add some Fallout 3 decor to your gaming room? Gamer Graffix has new skins and wall graphics to make the room more “Game Shui.”

If you’ve got an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, they’ve got Brotherhood of Steel skins for your console. If you’re looking for something to put on your wall, they’ve got a Wall Graffix collection featuring the Brotherhood of Steel, Vault Boy, and a Fallout 3 logo. If you want to go all out, they even have a massive 33 x 60 Brotherhood of Steel Wall Graffix that’s 5-feet tall (shown above)

For more details on these, head to Gamer Graffix.

Reader Comments

  1. The only F3 decor I have is my lunchbox, Bobble head, art book, 4 posters, and a remade version of the bloody mess cake (no copyright infrengement, dont sue me).

  2. Whenever I tried to apply skins to my xbox. most of the times i get a miss. For a few months after I bought my Xbox, I couldn’t find the right skins for it, now I am glad to have such great skins with me.