Fallout 3 DLC Game Guide Diary


David Hodgson, author of the Fallout 3 Game Guide, hasn’t stopped playing Fallout 3. With three DLCs available now, and two more on the way, he continues his quest to document everything in the game. In stores today, you can purchase The Official Game Guide to The Pitt and Operation: Anchorage. To celebrate the occasion, David put together another blog post discussing its contents. To learn more about the guide, including a sample of pages from the guide, head to Prima Games Author Blog.

In early February 2009, I was lucky enough to venture into the Capital Wasteland and beyond for a jaunt through Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt. The fruits of my latest expedition can be digested today, as the Official Game Guide to The Pitt and Operation: Anchorage hits stores. Having charted the topography of the original game, we employed many of the same elements to this new tome, which couldn’t have been possible with out the help and continued support of Bethesda. I mean, who else would have found the secret Morse code radio signals that no one’s figured out yet, right?

If you’ve seen the original (or chunky hardback collector’s) guide, you know what to expect: There’s an initial chapter devoted to the new enemies, Perks, and other gameplay elements that affect your ongoing game. For those excited by statistics, there’s a whole lot of them, listing abilities for the new enemies, weapons, and items. Later into the book there’s a complete Walkthrough for Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt, complete with those fabled flow charts, specific decisions you can make, and all the different outcomes listed. Naturally, we went a step further, too:

All of the new locations also receives a Tour inspection, which allows you to peruse through the full-color maps just like the first guide to pinpoint weapon caches, concentrations of enemies, and other places of note. Aside from detailed overview maps that show at least twice the data of your Pip-Boy’s World Map, there is specific and exclusive cartographical information for every place you visit. If you need to check out the crisscross of scaffolding of the Downtown suspended walkways in The Pitt, we show you where everything is, floor by floor. This means the book can be utilized in two ways, whether you’re investigating the Abandoned Apartments of Pitt Uptown during your Quest, or at your leisure. Collectibles also make a sporadic appearance here too; and they are duly noted in the Appendices at the back of the book.

As an added bonus, this book has two Enhanced Encyclopedias. One shows every piece of armor, outfit, and headgear that you can find, and the other details every single weapon, along with a profile picture of the gun, knife, stick, or mangling machine in question. There’s a picture of each weapon in action (usually being forced down the gullet of a Super Mutant), as well as statistics, and where they are likely to be located. This includes every Custom and Unique Weapon too. Think of these as catalogs of impressive Wasteland warrior-wear and attack implements that you can view before you trek to locate them.

I haven’t even enthused about the Gallery section at the back of the book either; this features exclusive, pre-production art from both Game Add-Ons, as well as some fantastic, non-irradiated versions of many of the in-game posters. Would you like a pristine advert for the Statesman Hotel or Radiator King, without any rips, dirt, or Raider blood? Then peruse the back of this book.

We hope you enjoy checking this guide out. Now if you’ll excuse me, the Swamp Folk at Point Lookout are getting restless and preventing my Punga Plant picking… where did I put my Microwave Emitter…?

Reader Comments

  1. Iliked the hints to point lookout, I love that there looks like there’s plants. And I love the microwave emitter ttoo. Sounds awwwwesome

  2. I checked out the guide and i must say the artwork is great and the encyclopedias are as well. the walk through are as you would expect but the guide all in all is less than a 3rd the size of the original games guide and has even less content and cost only $5 less than the original guide. the price is asking a bit to much maybe id pay $10 for it.

  3. How about making a guide which explains the process of getting this broken disc to install on your computer? I would love to play the add-on pack, but I’ve spent two trying to get it to install, unsuccessfully.