Game Add-On Pack Poster


Fallout 3 Game Add-on Pack #1 (which includes The Pitt and Operation: Anchorage on a disc) is now in stores. Some of you might have noticed that the front cover indicates there’s a “Free Vault Boy Poster” included in the box. Here’s a look at the poster, which measures 14” x 18.”

Fallout 3 Game Add-on Pack #1 is available on Xbox 360 and PC.

Reader Comments

  1. Aww, I’d like a copy…

    How bout putting it on an online store to show your love for the people who got all the DLC when it first came out?

  2. yay! give the people who didn’t immediately support your DLC and deal with the glitches that came with them a free bonus. thanks! (for nothing)

  3. Is there any chance you guys would offer that poster in a much larger (i.e. real poster) size for separate purchase?

    Re: jj: You seriously need to get over yourself.

  4. I think what JJ was rudely asking is there anyway people who have already purchased the DLC can have access to or get this poster for themselves without double dipping?

    I know I am a huge Vault Boy fan and this poster is right up my alley.

  5. This is kind of a lot crappy. I’ve already bought your DLC, but I didn’t get a poster. So I gotta pay $20 to get your poster?

    Yet again, Bethesda screws me when I pony up at the bar. I’m getting a little weary of it. As much as I love Fallout 3, I’m really just tired of this kind of crap.

  6. I agree with JJ somewhat. I have all of the released DLC< got OA and The Pitt the day they were released yet now there’s free posters for those who whined about GFWL and waited for a disc. You could at least make a wallpaper of this poster I can have on my desktop. 😉

  7. Nice.

    This is off topic a bit, but is there any or could there be any new music added to the radio station in your upcoming DLC packs? Don’t get me wrong the music is great but after a while listening to the same songs over and over again tends to get old. Just a suggestion I love the game and will continue to play with or without new music.

  8. This isn’t new, it was used ages ago during the run up to the release of Fallout 3 as the front cover for a PcGamer UK subscriber cover, the one that had the review of Fallout 3 in it. How long has this been around?

  9. I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed as well. I’ve purchased all three DLCs so far the day they came out- its unfortunate that those of us who bought them online now don’t have access to a perk like this. I hope you all will make it available seperately from the DLC discs at a later date.

  10. I have to agree with Jedi Gremlin, some new songs/radios would be awesome, or something allowing you to listen the music stored on your xbox360 as an in-game radio

  11. PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3
    Again, why is it only xbox and pc users. Pull youselfs togehter and release this game for PS3 🙂 PLEASE!!!