Brink site, trailer now online


In case you missed the world premiere teaser trailer for Brink last night on GTTV, you can watch it on our new site for the game,

Brink is being developed by Splash Damage and will release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in Spring 2010. We’ll keep you posted on news/interviews/etc. for the game here on Bethesda Blog. Look for a lot more info on this game next week when E3 swings into action.

Reader Comments

  1. Bioshock was awesome, so if it’s anything like that I’m in. I would love to see the next in-house project though!

  2. Agreed @ “I would love to see the next in-house project though!”… The Elder Scrolls is what keeps me coming back. Although, Brink does look interesting, a bit more info would of helped… I hate teasers >:<

  3. Bioshock is overrated. I hope it’s NOT like Bioshock. Well… the setting was good. Other than that I thought the game was fairly mediocre. Still can’t figure out why it’s praised as high as it is…

  4. You might want to reconsider the way that page resizes the browser window… very irritating if it’s just one of many tabs I’ve got open in a maximised window. One of my biggest pet browsing hates.

    Cool teaser though, would be interesting to see more.

  5. That… that is not Elder Scrolls 5 at all.:P But, if it is nearly as amazing as Fallout 3 was, I’ll wait, and wait.

  6. I didn’t get anything out of that teaser. Is it yet another shooter? An RPG? Why should we be interested?

  7. Gonna have to go with J. Kelly on this one. I have no idea what the hell Brink is about. It has a white guy with blood running down his face with shooting going on, and some rant about nothing. Even then, it might not, because this video might take place in the past or future.

    Gotta say, I hate teasers. I can’t care at all about a game until I see gameplay footage at the very least. Even then, I still won’t have any intention of preordering it until I have played some kind of demo.

  8. Ok…, All I (sorry for the pun) was a eye. Then again, it’s just the first release of this “BRINK” trailer. =)

  9. Wow. I was 90% expecting the project to be “Fallout Wars”… Can’t wait to see what such a talented studio can do with a single-player narrative; plus it’s always refreshing to see new, innovative titles. Splash Damage is too good for a Bioshock ripoff.

  10. I instantly thought ‘Bioshock’ as well when I saw the trailer. Would be rather poor if they made a similar game. I hoped they would make another online shooter (love Quake Wars), but it doesn’t look like multiplayer.

  11. I’m more keen to know what engine it’s on since it’s a Bethesda game. Hopefully not some outdated one like the one they persisted in using for Fallout 3 and Oblivion.

  12. I’m just glad it is not being developed by Bethesda. I wouldn’t want Splash Damage to get their reputation tarnished like that.

  13. From what I saw at E3, Brink shot up to one of the titles I’m looking forward to next year. It’s a FPS with deep character customization (the art direction is brilliant), heavily class and experience based. The teaser doesn’t do it justice.

  14. I was Really hoping for a tes teaser at E3 beth! (yes I know there now making brink 😛 but I am interested in it) oh well…I’ll just wait…more time = better game right?

  15. Nice to hear updates are coming…I just looked at when this was last posted and it was before E3 lol. I was getting kinda worried not seeing anything about Point Lookout. To be honest I use this site for any news relating to Beth. games. Only because I know there won’t be any rumors, just facts.