E3 Roundup: Brink


Behind closed doors at our E3 booth, Splash Damage’s Paul Wedgwood demoed the recently announced Brink. There’s been plenty of coverage on the game — here’s the rundown…

We begin at GameStooge, where after seeing the demonstration, it was declared their Best Game of Show. Here’s an excerpt from their preview:

“Finally, the look of the game is amazing, even in its pre-alpha state, using a proprietary engine Splash Damage dubbed “Virtual Texturing”. The Xbox 360 version featured detailed character models that looked like something Pixar or Dreamworks would release these days; CGI modelling with detailed features such as wrinkles and hairs, but stylistic and smooth.”

Several more accolades have already been announced for the game following E3.  Like WET, Brink was named as one of the Top 15 Original IPs to Debut at the Show by Crave Online. Additionally, PC Pro declared Brink one of the 10 Biggest PC Stories from E3 2009, Xbox 360 Achievements named it their Surprise of the Show, and NowGamer included the game in their Best of E3 list.

Like what you’ve heard about Brink? You can vote for it in the Best Shooter category in Voodoo Extreme’s E3 2009 Reader’s Choice Awards.

If you’d like to learn more about the game straight from the developers, Senior Game Designer Ed “BongoBoy” Stern has interviews up at both Gaming Nexus and the HipHopGamerShow.

Elsewhere, there’s plenty of new preview coverage from our theater presentations. At 1uP, Eric Neigher wrote:

“Brink looks like the next logical evolution of Splash Damage’s Quake Wars, with a bit of Mirror’s Edge thrown in. While the version we saw was pre-alpha, if the final version stays the course with its aesthetic and gameplay elements, Brink looks to be an innovative and exciting addition to the multiplayer combat-game genre.”

Additional previews links are listed after the break.

Phew! We’ll try to keep you updated on Brink more often between now and the game’s launch next year. Brink is coming to PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Reader Comments

  1. Why is everyone so excited about a game that has no real game play trailer yet? Blown away from some screen shots? I personally don’t like the top heavy art style but maybe it will change since they are only in pre-alpha. The gameplay sounds great though.

  2. “Someone wake me up when they work on TES 5. You know… the IP that MADE them”

    I agree. I could care less about these games coming out.

  3. [quote]10 Biggest PC Stories from E3 2009…Surprise of the Show….Top 15 Original IPs to Debut at the Show…etc, etc….[/quote]

    Wow, they have awards for everything. It is such a short step too…
    ‘Game that gathered the Most Open Mouthed Gawkers at E3’ Award.
    ‘Gaming Company Awarded the Most Strange Awards’ award.

    Brink looks nice, looks like it will be a great game when released.

  4. Loved Quake Wars, and Splash Damage are really in touch with their fanbase. With beth and SD teaming up you know it’s gonna be great. Would have love a qw:et2 though. Looks like Brink might have been a little inspired by the crossing? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_MHhUOKqow
    If SD releases an SDK for Brink that would be cool. Really looking forward to Brink!!