E3 Roundup: Point Lookout previews


We conclude our E3 Roundups for the week with a look at previews for Fallout 3’s latest DLC, Point Lookout.

We’ll begin at Planet Fallout, who sent one of their members, Ixon, to E3. Here’s an excerpt from his preview:

“The locale was also visually stunning. I would relate it to a darker version of Coney Island after lapsing into disuse for about eighty years. As you pull up, you get an overlook of the dock area of the main landing for Point Lookout and can easily see the mansion in the distance. The rustic look permeates everything about it and though I didn’t get a chance to see it, the swamp areas are supposedly to be incredibly creepy.”

Ixon also has an interview with DLC Producer Jeff Gardiner. Read it here.

Speaking of interviews, Revision3 chatted with Todd Howard at E3. The clip starts around the 19-minute mark.

More previews for Point Lookout can be found at the following sites:

Point Lookout comes to Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows LIVE on June 23rd, and later this year on PlayStation Network. If you haven’t checked out the trailer yet, you can view it on the Fallout 3 Official Site.

Reader Comments

  1. This is looking good…not gonna lie. Sounds like more detail was put into this one…just by reading what little there is about the defense of the mansion. I really do hope the swamps are creepy like they said. The metro tunnels were pretty creepy when I first started playing. Some still are…mainly the ones filled to the brim with feral ghouls lol. Hopefully the new weapons will be worth using…I still use Lincoln’s Repeater as my main weapon, occasionally swapping up for the Tesla Cannon. Maybe the new shotgun will be a blast haha.

  2. This DLC seems pretty good… but I don’t understand why you haven’t released Horse Armour for Fallout – it was by far the best DLC for Oblivion 😉

  3. Why would the release horse armor for Fallout 3? There’s no horses, the beast close enough is the brahmin and you can’t use it.

  4. [If nobody says, “You’rrrrre not from arrrround these parrrrts” I shall be very disappointed.

    Left by Princess Stomper on June 11th, 2009 ]

    Yea while waving a limbless torso in front of you 😀

    Thats one creepy DLC am looking forward to playing big time.