Bioshock/Oblivion Double Feature


Today in a joint release with 2K Games, we announced a bundle that will feature 2006 Game of the Year Winner The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion along with 2007 Game of the Year Winner BioShock into one complete package. Beginning July 7, the BioShock & The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Bundle will be available in retailers across North America for Xbox 360 ($39.99) and Windows-based PCs ($29.99).

For more details, check out 2K’s press release here.

Reader Comments

  1. IM BACK! I moved… again, so the internet just got set up 🙂

    Anywho… This combo is amazing for those who dont have these games! It IMO, would lead to HOURS upon HOURS of gaming… Amazing combo!

  2. We’re talking about two games that can STILL be found in stores on shelves and in bargain bins for like $10 each, being released for $40?

    Are you kidding my guys? Maybe for $30 is it had all the dlcs and SI expansion.

  3. They retail individually for 29.99 and usually sell used for like 19.99. I think its a great deal. But I am curious about the DLC as well. GOTY Ed. is 29.99 with the DLC, just sayin.

  4. This is a great bundle for two great games, but it would be a lot more appealing if it included the GOTY edition of Oblivion (especially given the hype about all the GOTY awards these games won).

  5. Hey Z. Daniel Phoenix, this is being released so parents and grandparents will think they’re getting a good deal on a couple games for their kid. The people who play the games will spot the discrepancy, I think.

  6. Wow great bundle of two awesome games. Looks like i’ll be finally picking up BIOSHOCK after all this time along with a extra copy of OBLIVION as a back up to my “T” rated version 😀

    Congratulations Bethesda on the cool sales collaboration.

  7. Bethesda and 2k need to stop living up microsoft’s butt and remember the Sony peeps! I have both systems and prefer the Sony because this will be my 5th xbox due to red ring…and just feel like the more dependable system should have the DLC available as well…Bioshock and elder scrolls and Fallout 3 should be available to the masses because everyone should be able to rock out these amazing games fully with DLC. off topic, but had to vent..thanks.