Point Lookout Diary, Screens (Updated)


Hello from London. Just wanted to let you know on the Fallout 3 Official Site, we’ve got a new Team Diary for Point Lookout. The diary was written by Joel Burgess and Nate Purkeypile, Lead Designer and Lead Artist for Point Lookout, respectively. In the diary, they discuss how DLC #4 came to be, and even share early images from the project’s development.

In addition to the diary, we’ve uploaded six new screenshots — including the image above. Head here to see the rest.

Point Lookout will be available for download on Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows LIVE this coming Tuesday, June 23.

Update: In related news, The Hachiko interviewed Joel Burgess and Jeff Gardiner to discuss Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta. Read the interview here. Jeff was also interviewed for Platform Nation.

Reader Comments

  1. Thank you..for the screenshots. I am now inspired to watch TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and MANIAC with a little FREAKS in the mix this weekend. Thank you.

  2. Looks like its gonna be the best dlc so far, adding an entire world and such; dare i hope that patch 1.6 with this might fix things without breaking others?

  3. does eny body actualy no wen the new contents going 2 b available on ps3 i can w8 but id like 2 no just so i dnt get as annoyed as sum other people cheers