Point Lookout now available


Point Lookout is now available to download for Xbox 360 and Games for Windows. You can buy both versions online through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and Games for Windows LIVE Marketplace (be sure to download the GFWL Client if you haven’t already) . Also be sure to check out the latest screenshots, the Point Lookout trailer, and the team diary on the creation of Point Lookout.

For the Games for Windows version of Point Lookout, make sure you have the latest game update (v 1.6). Get it here.

Update: Wanna see more on Point Lookout. Check out videos at G4TV and MSNBC Tech Watch.

Reader Comments

  1. Woot first comment! IT looks AWSOME im planing on getting it tonight hopefully it will all be good and ther wont be any problems. WOOT go Bethesda!

  2. i haven’t had any problems yet, and I’ve been plaing it almost 12 hours strait today, nothing like making shovel swinging, mutated hillbillys heads explode with a good old fashion side-by side shotgun! Only thing missing is a real big game rifle, mag 44, .308 and 10mm bullits just isn’t big enough.

    It’s an awsome DLC! if you haven’t gotten it yet get it!

  3. Cthulhu is very impressed with not only the amazing amount of content in this new DLC, but also the smooth fixes introduced with patch 1.6. Cthulhu commends you, Bethesda.

    Cthulhu is hoping that Mothership Zeta adds one or two very powerful and superior, technologically advanced looking suits of power armor to the game. Also, Cthulhu is greatly anticipating the different kinds of instruments of death that the player will be able to pilfer from the aliens in MSZ.


  4. I’m trying to find all of locations. My compass shows an undiscovered location but the arrow disappears when I head into that direction. I’ve never seen this before. Any suggestions?

  5. Ok Bethesda, Game freezes at the loading screen once I’ve downloaded PL. I’e got all the other downloads and they’re fine. I’ve already tried deleting it from the hard drive and re-downloading it. Any suggestions?

  6. If you’re on 360, the update should automatically happen when you start the game and if you’re connected to LIVE.

    To check, on the title screen, go to Settings, then Display. In the bottom left corner you should see the version you have.