Point Lookout Roundup


With Tuesday’s release of Point Lookout, there’s quite a few reviews now online. Here’s a rundown:

GameSpy called picking up Fallout 3’s 4th DLC a “no brainer.” Here’s a snippet from the review:

“The quest lines and exploration gameplay feel very Fallout, and you’ll want to walk through every inch of the map to make sure you don’t miss out on the many different landmarks tucked away in its farthest reaches. The battles can be quite challenging, and there’s plenty of creative, genuinely funny stuff here that’ll have as much of an impact as the greatest bits from the original game.”

More Point Lookout reviews can be found below….

If you’ve already picked up Point Lookout and need some help along the way, you can also check out IGN’s Point Lookout Walkthrough.

Reader Comments

  1. Looks awesome. I haven’t picked up Broken Steel just yet, but I’m planning on grabbing BS, Point Lookout, and Zeta once they’re all out. Hopefully you guys will be done with DLC after that (well, hopefully not!) so I can get all my mods in order and time travel* playing Fallout 3 again.

    * refers to an act of gaming where upon starting a game, the player does not realize he has been playing the game for three straight days, sometimes without showering.

  2. It’s a great add on, but I’ve had trouble with some bugs while playing. I was fighting a group of feral ghouls and the game froze, I haven’t had that happen in quite awhile…and it seems to only be in Point Lookout. Another bug was when I walked out of the motel room just across from Pilgrims Landing. Upon exiting, the black loading screen stays up and the music can still be heard. This issue caused an autosave to become corrupted.

  3. Point Lookout was so fun, it actually made me feel like playing it instead of Morrowind, and for me that’s a big thing. 😛

    I do experience more frequent crashes after getting PL, including a stuck-in-VATS situation, and I experienced a bug where there was a white square around me which was only visible on water.

    The white square thingy appeared during Broken Steel already, but it become very frequent during PL, I don’t know whether it’s PL making it frequent, or just the fact that PL has lots of water, thus I tend to see it oftenly.

    All in all, great DLC! The Main Quest is interesting and epic, and I couldn’t help but keep playing the MQ once I started it.

  4. Point Lookout was really excellent. I clocked in about 8 hours after exploring the whole map and finishing the main quests (still have a few side quests to finish off), which was more than I expected to get out of it. I’d still much rather receive a full blown expansion like Shivering Isles/Bloodmoon because I feel like they offer a tremendously greater value (especially when you add all the DLC together and they don’t have as much content for double the price), but this DLC was actually well worth the $10.

  5. Yeah, I’ve seen that same blank texture on the water. On waterways in Point Lookout and by the riverboat landing in the Capitol Wasteland. I’ve also had another freezing while fast traveling, same effect as the one I had while exiting the motel. Oh and I got stuck in a glitch on a cliffside by the Cathedral. I was walking on the left side, outside the Cathedral walls and I came upon a few wooden planks that formed a ramp, that overhang on the cliff. I dropped down to the right and walked just a little to the left and I found myself stuck in the cliff.

  6. One of few things that was viewed negatively by me and my friends was the actual toughness of opponents in PL which did not correspond with their looks – armors, weapons,…

    Personally I am not against stronger opponents if their strength is justified by their size, armor, equipment,… But seeing few half-naked tribals and mutated farmers being stronger or at least as strong as finest commandos in high-tech heavy armors, robots,… was quite troublesome.

    I don’t know, maybe I am just too critical. What about you guys?