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As for this week, I asked folks at the office to share what movies, TV shows, sporting events, etc. they’re watching. No surprise, there’s plenty of variety. HBO shows (True Blood, Carnivale, Flight of the Conchords, and Six Feet Under are mentioned) seem to be quite popular for beating the summer heat. In the end, True Blood received the most votes to be featured. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s on Sundays at 9 pm on HBO.

We’ll also highlight what QA Project Lead Ruben Brown is watching. Today’s Ruben’s last day at the office, so we all wish him well.

Ruben Brown: Once upon a time in the West, Money for Nothing, The Hangover, and as always, til it’s done…The Venture Bros.

Chris Esko, Programmer: The Daily Show, Venture Bros., Mythbusters, Flight of the Conchords.

Louis Riley: Senior QA Tester: Carnivale.

Megan Sawyer: True Blood (but I like the books better ;D), lots of Star Trek: DS9 on DVD.

Ashley Cheng, Production Director: Royal Pains, In Plain Sight, Burn Notice (I’m on a USA Network kick lately)

Emil Pagliarulo: Shrek and other kids’ movies, as my wife drives our rented minivan back home to New England for our vacation.

Regi Jacob, Sr. Product Manager: Two and a Half Men. Charlie Sheen is on his game.

Michael Lattanzia, QA: Since I’m out on vacation next week I’ll be watching lots of stuff. Starting on Dexter (finally) and Dead Like Me. And a ton of movies… possibly Dark Crystal, Being John Malkovich, and lots of other stuff. Oh, and I’ll be watching my PSP as I play LOTS of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Max Cameron, QA Intern: Up, Inkheart, and How I Met Your Mother.

Shane Liesegang: Friday Night Lights and Freaks & Geeks.

Pete Hines: Harry Potter movies and US Soccer vs. Brazil (Go USA!).

Brent Krische, id Fanboy: Up in theaters, Weeds: Season 4 on Blu-Ray, Lexx: I Worship His Shadow on DVD, and So  You Think You Can Dance, Mythbusters, and Bizarre Foods on TV

Sean Palomino, QA Tester: Michael Jackson’s Passing Coverage (RIP), Gran Torino, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, UP, and The Return of Son Goku & Friends.

Dan Ross, QA: True Blood and Weeds while waiting impatiently for Entourage and Dexter.

Jen Tonon, QA: Sweeney Todd, Meatball Machine, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Food Network Challenge, Super Tromette Action Movie Go!

Ryan Lea, Programmer: Carnivale and Six Feet Under.

Jesse Tucker, Level Design: 90% games, 10% Hulu. Rewatching Arrested Development when my roommates have it on. Might watch Up next weekend.

Matt Grandstaff, Community Manager: Weeds, True Blood, Nurse Jackie, hopefully seeing Up and The Hangover soon.

Reader Comments

  1. I may watch some episodes of Legend of The Seeker on iTunes this weekend if my Wife is watching it. That’s about it. I don’t watch tv anymore, except for Adult Swim and The Daily Show/Colbert Report

  2. @ Pete – don’t worry about the second Potter movie being crap – they DO get better. My favourite’s the fifth one.

    I just ordered the Sarah Connor Chronicles on DVD (series 1) for £7 from Amazon! I’ve never seen any of it before, but for £7, I can take the risk. 🙂

  3. [Jen Tonon, QA:Repo! The Genetic Opera,]

    Was going to pick that up today but decided to hold of on it til i checked out some reviews. Those movie boxes are such tricky critters with all their cutey alluring art work they wear like makeup 😀

    I’ll be checking out these movies for the very first time!

    1.DEATH RACE (last years remake)
    4.BEYOND THE DOOR (havent seen this uncut version of the 1974 horror classic)

    Yea what can i say i take forever buying what interests me unless its a video game.

  4. Having been hugely inspired by Fallout 3 I have taken a walk on the darker side of comedies. After all Fallout–which in the world of video games—-is the epitome of black comedy in reference to it’s take on violence because it is a perfect combination of all the right elements: the satire and paradoxes, the humor riding that boundary between “slapstick/fun” and “intellectually dark” and knowing when to throw it in your face or ride it out in subtlety. So in a sort of ongoing curiosity for the genre, and as inspiration/source for some stuff I’m working on I am watching a lot of darkly comedic films: Lord of War, Fargo, The Lady Killers, The Quick and the Dead, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Dr. Strangelove, and, my personal genre favorite, Fight Club! Check em’ out if you haven’t already because I’ve never laughed so hard in such a wrong way 🙂