On Newsstands: Rubi graces the cover of Play


The July issue of Play hits newssstands today, with WET’s Rubi Malone gracing the cover.

In the issue, you’ll find eight pages devoted to WET — including Dave Halverson’s preview, new screenshots, an interview with Creative Director Patrick Fortier, and additional thoughts on the game from Patrick, Ash Ismail (Lead Game Designer), Jean-Francois Mignault (Art Director), Lorne Nudel (Lead Animator)., and Levon Louis (Audio Director).

Elsewhere, there’s a few things worth checking out in the July issue of PC Gamer US and the August issue of PC Gamer UK. Both issues review Broken Steel — awarding the DLC the PC Gamer Editors’ Choice Award. Additionally, in the UK mag, there’s a section featuring Khyrin’s Greenworld mod for Fallout 3 (page 93) and a Classics of PC Gaming feature by Christopher Livingston (page 104). Additionally, there’s mention of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout in their feature titled Gaming’s Biggest Secrets (starts on page 49).

Reader Comments

  1. Still waiting for a nice wallpaper collection of Rubi in high resolution (1680 x 1050 and 1920 x 1200). There are so many images of her floating around, but all low resolution (or not high enough). The fans are waiting for spectacular hi-res promo images! So many people have large monitors these days, but I find that wallpapers released for games, movies, etc. still aren’t taking this into consideration. On another note, how does the age verification work on the Wet site? (Only one of the silliest inventions ever… it would be better to simply warn the viewer before they proceed, not waste their time by making them fill in their birthdate). I was clicking through it too quickly and now I’m blocked. Clearing my cache, even switching browsers, and I can’t view the site! So is it blocking my IP?! I think the top choices in the list are 2007 and 2008 or something like that… right, so I’m 2 years old and trying to look at this website… ridiculous…

  2. why isn’t Wet being released for PC??

    Is it really that difficult to recompile the xbox version for windows?!? since you’re likely developing it on windows with visual studio to begin with..

    if it comes out on pc I guarantee I’d buy it,but I’m not going to buy an xbox just so I can play it