DOOM Resurrection now available on iTunes


This week colleagues at id Software released DOOM Resurrection — an all-new DOOM experience for the iPhone and iPod touch this week.

If you’re interested in the title, you’ll be happy to hear that id has plans for DLC for the game, as well as plans to bring other popular franchises, like Quake, to the iPhone and iPod touch. For details on Quake Resurrection and more, check out these blog posts:

To purchase Doom Resurrection, head to iTunes, where it’s available for $9.99. Additionally, Wolfenstein Classic is already available. Click here to purchase, or here to try the Lite version.

Reader Comments

  1. This is pretty amazing this kind of graphical power that once took a 486/33DX desktop machine now on portable miniture technology. One day we might just press a button on our wrist watches and VOILA! instant STAR TREK holodeck fantasy gameplay of our choosing.