Amazing Brotherhood of Steel Costume


This morning Istvan and Todd were raving about this Brotherhood of Steel costume —  showcased by member Facing Costumes. Definitely one of the coolest BoS costumes we’ve seen yet — heck, it’s even got a mini-gun.

Check out more images of the costume here. And if you’ve got a costume you’ve worked on, email us at [email protected] to share it.

Reader Comments

  1. Looks like someone at the Replica Prop Forum has been busy 😛 – Looks really good, much better than the duct tape version I saw many months ago.

  2. From personal experience, I would not do business with this company. It’s to my understanding that they pick and choose which projects they want to complete, even when you give them a down payment.

    I gave this company $2,000 as a down payment to make me a costume over a year ago & I’m still waiting for them to make/deliver/refund the damn thing.

    I would tread very carefully when working with this Tyson Tabbert guy. He is not to be trusted.
    His company may have created a few things, but there are multiple cases filed against him in the better business bureau and RipOff Report: #542815

    These 2 sites will confirm what I’ve said.