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  1. You’d be able to look at any potential conflicts in our modding forums. I do know that Valve responded to folks that purchased Oblivion and were supportive of the modding community.

  2. When is Operation Anchorage coming to PS3?
    you guys said “end of june” or “late june” but here we are on July 2nd…

    WHat gives bethseda??

  3. Nice, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this since I built my new desktop a few months back. I can’t play RPG games (free roaming or otherwise) with a controller. Keyboard or die I say.

  4. @syraxith
    Mods & DLC both work fine with the Steam version, although you still have to purchase the DLC through the Games for Windows Live store.

  5. Hello developers at Bethesda.

    I have been a major fan since TES3:Morrowind. Since then i have played everyone of your RPG-games and Call of Cthulu. I wondered how come you ignore your Ps3-players of Fallout 3? It is not our problem if you cannot develop and put out the game in time. We pay for your games because we are entertained by playing them. I understand that it is more difficult to code a game for the PS3. But this is not at the core of the problem. I am a university student and do not have a job this sommer. I really loved Fallout 3 and have played it for more than 150 hours on the PS3. You have my confidence that the DLC will be spectacular once it arrives. Even though, I and lots of other folks are very dissapointed in the fact that you did not keep the timeline. It is my choice as a costumer to choose which game I want to play and when. I have looked forward to the DLC and have a handicap so can’t you just send me an e-mail with an explanation to why the release has been postponed? Thanks in advance.

    All the best/

  6. Woohoo, Awesome! Already grabbed it. Thanks guys, a great price for such a fantastic game. Too bad about the lack of DLC through Steam, though. Hope you’re thinking about it very soon… I couldn’t care less about “Games for Windows Live” and their useless “M$ points”. Steam ftw! 🙂

  7. @ Nathan

    Yes…I, too, am dying to hear about the release of DLC for the PS3. I have never, in 30 years of gaming, considered purchasing two copies of a title for 2 different systems. I have never scoured the web reading every snippet about a game title, looking for a single blurb announcing new content. I have never gone through withdrawals after finishing a game that made everything else I tried to play seem inferior, unimportant, and unplayable. These were true statements until I finished Fallout 3 on PS3.

    Please Please Please…when can I get my Operation Anchorage for PS3?

  8. What’s the story with DLC for PS3?

    Is there an official press release on the delay?

    I need to Fallout, right nao.

  9. It would seem that PS3 owners are still waiting to join the ranks of “true” Bethesda fans. The provisional release date of “end of June or late June” that we were given last month is now two weeks overdue without any further mention of the release since the original announcement.

    I can’t say that I’m surprised about the delay, the MS LIVE DLC releases proved quite conclusively that Beth seems unable to keep the train on the rails when it comes to Fallout 3. What does surprise me however is that despite the mass anger over the original “snub” they maintain their stance of silence regarding the PS3 release after it has been announced. It is this refusal to learn from the mistakes of the past that will be Bethesda’s legacy with PS3 fans rather than the games that earn them so much acclaim with everyone else.

  10. Looked good on paper, so I picked it up.

    Shame that I and many other Steam owners seem to be suffering from inexplicable crashes.