Reader Comments

  1. Wow, that is a great combo. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t sell well. (Although I’d say most people, particularly xbox owners probably already have both of em.)

  2. Is it the Game of the Year edition including Shivering Isles?? I don’t have bioshock or oblivion but I was hoping to get the game of the Year edition when I bought it 🙁

  3. Yeah, great deal for 2 great games. It’ll cost you more if you purchase these games individually. Aren’t you guys running out of stocks yet? LOL

  4. Ah, yes, if I didn’t have both these games already, I would make sure not to pass up the chance to see the underwater metropolis, Raptamriel, or learn about the ideals and philosophies of Uriel Ryan.

  5. I bought this and the guy at the store said it included the game of the year edition of oblivion, it even says in the instruction book how to install it using “disc 2” obviously someone made a mistake and i bought it new so i cant even return it 🙁

  6. i think that there should be a free download for the people that bought this combo game so that they can have the shivering isles expansion and all the other good stuff C’mon guys just for us who bought it