Daggerfall: Now available for free!

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Five years ago, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Elder Scrolls, we released The Elder Scrolls: Arena as a free download. If you do the math, that means the series is now celebrating its 15th Anniversary. So despite saying we’d never do it, we’ve decided to release The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall as a FREE download too!

One thing to keep in mind — the game is over 10-years-old and we’re releasing it “as is.” In other words, we’re not providing customer support or technical support on the game at this point. That being said, I successfully started up the game running DOSBox and following QA superstar Mike Mazzuca’s detailed walkthrough for installing the game. Follow the directions and you should be in good shape.

Having heard many stories of how you guys wanted to get your hands on the game, we’re excited that many of you will get to experience Daggerfall for the first time. Head here to download the game. Enjoy!

Reader Comments

  1. Once upon a time (like 11 years ago) i owned this game and enjoyed it a LOT. Unfortunately, I lost it, so this is super awesome!! 🙂

  2. I am also getting a 404. If this offer is still valid, I’d love to take part in what helped build my favorite RPG. But if this offer is no longer valid, I feel it’s a little… … cruel to keep the page active. Perhaps write on here somewhere that this is no longer a free download. Maybe take away this post. Do something. I’ve been trying to legally get my hands on a copy of this game for years now, and just when I thought it was inches away, I find a glass wall separating myself from an experience I’ve been told is not to be missed.

  3. Quote:( gstaff wrote on December 18th, 2010

    We’ll have the game Downloads for Daggerfall and Arena back up soon. With the announcement of Skyrim, we’ve only begun the redesign of ElderScrolls.com ) Unquote:

    I am glad to hear that since the sites I have visited who “offer” these two games, have “apparently” given me “”Crippled” Versions. They do NOT work like “originals”

    (I have tried them on … Dos 6.2 PC / Win98SE / WinXP Pro) = NOTHING!

    1) Arena106 = Cannot use the “~ Key to get into the Console Menu”. It just does not work. (Wipeout).

    2) Daggerfall_Instal.zip (148MB Download) .. Does NOT have the “data\dagauto.exe” file, or ANY other
    kind of install / Play file in it. So was just a Giant WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE!

    DO YOU intend to “correct” these errors” (Since you offer them to us “for free” or do we “just laugh and say Thanks but NO THANKS?”)

    PLEASE DON’T MAKE “PROMISES” OF “FULL GAMES” that are NOT Full Games, but “Free Crippled Games”.

    You may email me your reply (but I doubt I will hear from you, ’cause you’re too ashamed to do so)



    • @Patricia

      Daggerfall and Arena are very old games and they are released “as is.” They will be put back up on the the site soon, and if you follow the Dos Box directions, they should run. That being said, we have no announced plans to add official support for Windows 7, XP, etc.

  4. I’m getting this ” ERROR: Looks like you inserted the wrong cd. please insert your daggerfall cd in your cdrom and try again.”, after the 20th step. And I’m using DOSBox 0.74 with windows 7. Could someone please help? I promise to preorder Skyrim if Daggerfall starts working! : D

  5. @gstaff: Yes, they are old games, but even DOSbox can’t play it if I can’t INSTALL IT.
    Thank you anyway.

    @Juho Länsiharju: “Inserted the wrong CD”? Where did YOU get the CD’s from? My game is a DOWNLOAD in zip format, but when unzipped, there are NO INSTALLATION / PLAY files. Read my post again.

  6. I wish i could download it, but the link doesn’t work anymore. still playing oblivion since the day it is released and morrowind too. Can’t wait for skyrim.

  7. hey guys and girls, I just downloaded Daggerfall but I’ve hit a problem :(, I can get Arena to work on my Boxer App on my MAC :), but every time I tried Dagger fall it keeps on asking for a CD (now I don’t own the original CD :(, didn’t start playing TES until IV)

    can someone help me please I would love to play the old versions before Skyrim so I have the full story 🙂

  8. hey thanks a heap i cant wait for your new game to come out
    iv only ever played elder scrolls IV
    and trying out your oldest games will be great
    just a reminder i hope you guys are adding duel swords and relationships to elderscrolls V !!!

    thank you and good luck in the future!
    im cheering for you to make my favorite game come back to life

    p.s. nice job with fallout when i first played it i was like wow this is just like oblivion (i loved it)

  9. I’m having the same problem as a lot of you folks. The game keeps telling me to insert a cd that I obviously do not have. Also, Bethesda, your “detailed walkthrough” seems to be down.

  10. Thank you guys so much. I hope you leave this DL up for as long as forever. This is oneof my most favorite games, better than Marrowind and the later. This game is Everquest without the online game play. Thank you very much for bringing this to us.

  11. Hi,
    I’m having the same trouble as everybody else. I have followed the instructions to the letter but when I try to run Daggerfall I am asked to insert the CD. I am using Dosbox 0.74 on Windows Vista.

  12. After looking elsewhere I found a fix for the cd trouble:
    Instead of typing ‘dagger’ in c:\dagger type ‘fall z.cfg’ and hit enter.

  13. Is the guide a broken link????? it wont load the page. ive never used dos or dosbox for that matter and im like WTF O.O, anyone have a guide link?

  14. I’ve still got the game, see? *shakes box* I loved this game and would really like to be able to play it again but apparently I am too mentally challenged to make it work through DOS box. That being said, DF was really buggy and I learned a whole lot about fixing my computer when I played it. The support staff at Bethesda was really helpful and did all they could to help me keep the game running. I played it for over a year but was never able to get around the end game crash so technically I never got to finish the game. That still bothers me to this day. Hundreds of hours but no closure… Somebody will make a lot of money if they can write a program that easily allows people to play their old favorites since we all can’t have several generations of cpus sitting around for gaming support. 😉