Daggerfall: Now available for free!

DAGGERFALL Box-cover (2).jpg

Five years ago, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Elder Scrolls, we released The Elder Scrolls: Arena as a free download. If you do the math, that means the series is now celebrating its 15th Anniversary. So despite saying we’d never do it, we’ve decided to release The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall as a FREE download too!

One thing to keep in mind — the game is over 10-years-old and we’re releasing it “as is.” In other words, we’re not providing customer support or technical support on the game at this point. That being said, I successfully started up the game running DOSBox and following QA superstar Mike Mazzuca’s detailed walkthrough for installing the game. Follow the directions and you should be in good shape.

Having heard many stories of how you guys wanted to get your hands on the game, we’re excited that many of you will get to experience Daggerfall for the first time. Head here to download the game. Enjoy!

Reader Comments

  1. Thank you very much The Old Ye Bard. Couldn’t find any mirroring it yesterday or earlier today when i checked it!

    So thank you, now going at 1 mb/sek 🙂

  2. I don’t live in the southern hemisphere but strangely enough Christmas came in the middle of summer this year. Although I doubt you can hear this with my fellow rabid fanboys squealing in the backround. so i’ll yell… THANK YOU THANK YOU. oh yeah ignore the ingrates whining because their gift doesn’t D/L in 5 min.

  3. Thank you, but it would be much better if you could release its source code under the GNU GPL, just like Hexen and Heretic were released by Activision and Raven.

  4. I’ve played video games since PacMan. I played a lot in the 2600 era and Nintendo 8bit, but then games became to expensive to buy every one that was out there. Its nice to go back and pick up titles I missed. Thank you. God is real! Jesus is LORD!

  5. Well, waiting a bit did the trick–downloaded it in about a minute at 2 in the morning…

    Now I’ll have to try getting this bad boy to work on Ubuntu…

  6. Awesome news, thanks Bethesda! …already own a few CDs of it, but this is good stuff.

    Can I second a request for a source code GPLing if you can find it? (like iD does with engines, your new partners) Something like this really needs to leave the emulation world of DOSBOX and move into a native app, something that tends to happen with code to play with. Look where Quake has ended up, Haiku, Dreamcast, PSP, etc :^)
    If you want some help with the process, e-mail me!

  7. Why not release the source as well ?

    Since you are going to drop support for it, you may leave it to us to fix the bugs ourselves.

  8. Thank you very much, Bethesda!

    And I don’t care about people like Ognob who have a copy and feel some sort of cheated only because they payed and spread their bad mood here. Live with it!

  9. I love you guys… I’ve been wanting to play Daggerfall for a long time now. Also thanks very much for the link to the mirror, I was getting anywhere between 3 and 12 Kb/sec from Bethesda versus approx. 360 Kb/sec.

  10. Daggerfall is undoubtedly one of the best games I’ve ever played. It was a masterpiece, despite the bugs. Love it.

  11. I seem to have a problem, every thing downloaded corectly and i followed the installation directions but when i type the commands to play into DOSBox it tells me i have inserted the wrong disc. does anyone know what is happening?

  12. I hope this is the patched version? You can’t finish the game without the patch (ahem).

    Daggerfall is buggier than a crazy cat lady’s house, but it is beautiful and magnificent. It’s worth all the trouble if you care more about gameplay and plot than the latest graphics. Daggerfall has an otherworldly air about it, sinister and intriguing. This is the only game to have scared me witless and I played it for well over a year. Even today there’s an IRC channel, #dagger, on Undernet where Daggerfall fans still gather from time to time. It’s been going 12 years and has brought me some great friends.

    Thank you Bethsoft!

  13. May I ask why there are no plans to release the source code? The game is at least 10 years old, it isn’t multiplayer, so there are no hackers to worry about, and couldn’t anyone who was crazy enough to try and sell it as their own work get slammed with a lawsuit?

    The only thing I can think of happening with a source code release would be improved moddability.

  14. Thank you so much! I have wanted to play Daggerfall ever since I discovered and fell in love with Morrowind. You’re the best!

  15. This was a great game back in the day. I still have my original disc/case, the box it came in, and the book to the game. Now that it’s free I guess hanging onto this stuff no longer matters. I’m not a huge fan of the series, only played Daggerfall. I might give it another go even though my computer will struggle to handle it (way too fast now). Too bad the good games get old.

  16. I already have it, but thank you Bethesda! This just increases my love for you, because now tons more people can play the best video game ever made!

  17. I think this is great! I won’t be downloading it, because I still have my disc, which I’ve taken excellent care of, and I still have a laptop running Windows 98 which is reserved exclusively for playing this wonderful game! My favorite installation in the Elder Scrolls series far and away.

  18. Thank you Bethesda.

    I bought all the main Elder Scrolls games when they were current (starting in 1995 with Arena CD, then on to Daggerfall, Morrowind and its expansions, Oblivion and the DLCs). I still have/play/treasure them and I mod as well. By releasing first Arena and now Daggerfall you have allowed a whole new generation of gamers in on early cornerstones of the TES universe.

    Heartfelt thanks from this unashamedly old skool 42-year-old born-again Breton. Absolutely outstanding!

  19. I had this when it was originally released, and a few days back thought about digging it out to play again… and then realised the CD had got lost in a house move at some point. So it was a great surprise while searching the web to see if anywhere was still selling it that you’d just released it for free.

    Many thanks, and I’m looking forward to going through it all again.

  20. Hi, I followed the steps step by step like shown on the walkthrough twice now, and im still getting the same error Please insert the daggerfall cd any ideas on how to fix this issue??

  21. Thanks to you, the Gods greater than Daedra & Adera! ^_^

    Any chance of doing the same with Battlespire and Redguard?

  22. For those with the “Please insert the daggerfall cd” error, you may be running on an old version of dosbox 0.72. Try downloading dosbox 0.73, then your problems should be fixed.

  23. When I saw the article about this on UESP, I was more surprised than anything! I already have a copy of Daggerfull, but it doesn’t work very well. I just don’t know what to say – I thought it would never be officially re-released! I already loved you, Bethsoft; now all you need to do is tell me that TES V will not be massively multiplayer, and I’ll be your slave for the rest of my life.

    Many, many thanks, and all the best for the future!

  24. A late chime in, and a big hug and many thanks for this!

    Didn’t notice this until now as I had just become a father when this came out. The first I heard of the Elder Scrolls was in the form of a FMV teaser included on the Terminator: SkyNET CD. Never got to try it myself, did have a couple of friends that were frenzied at the news of Morrowind. Got TES: III later on and was hooked. Got Oblivion on its first retail day and have enjoyed it like a good wine, have been sipping away and finished the main quest this summer; now halfway through the expansion.

    Now that Daggerfall is out I just might get to one ending while staying in a geriatric ward 😉