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The weekend’s almost here, but before we head out, here’s one last web roundup.

There’s a trio of new interviews that went up in the last day. Jeff Gardiner answered Mothership Zeta questions at OXM UK, GameObserver chatted with Production Director Ashley Cheng, and Skewed & Reviewed interviewed Pete about ZeniMax’s acquisition of id Software.

Moving to features, there’s a couple to check out at Gamasutra. Up first, they have a list of 20 Essential RPGs — which included The Elder Scrolls series. Elsewhere on the site, James Portnow has a feature about designing moral choice in games that discusses Fallout 3.

Similar to the Gamasutra piece, there’s a featured story at Destructoid by zombiekiller13 about the tough choices he made while traversing the Capital Wasteland. Here’s a snippet:

“But here it is; I became so engrossed in this game that I began to envision them as living, breathing people. People who went about their lives while I was out exploring the world. What were they doing during my abscence. Did Moira tick anyone else off with her condescending attitude? Was Nova bedding as many of the residents as she could, or was she waiting for me to make a weekly visit? Was the sheriff taking care of a drunken Jericho who was making advances on a reluctant Lucy?”

More after the break.

Quite a few reviews for Point Lookout have surfaced. Here’s an excerpt from GameDaily’s review

“The town of Point Lookout lacks the bombed out look of the Wasteland, replaced with an aged seaside boardwalk with a Ferris wheel and a bland backdrop — irradiated swamplands, stuffed animals attached to the limbs of trees, decrepit country homes, a mansion, a military base (if you look hard enough) and a staple in any coastal town, a lighthouse. The overall vibe feels like the Blair Witch Project movie, without the shaky puke cam.”

You can find more reviews at the following sites:

If you’re struggling to survive in Point Lookout, GameShark has an Achievement Guide/Walkthrough now available on their site. If you’re too good for walkthroughs and think you know everything about Fallout 3 — you should check out this Fallout 3 quiz. I’m embarrassed to say that I got a few wrong.

In Xbox LIVE news, Major Nelson reports that Fallout 3 was one of the top ten most played games on Xbox LIVE. Notable, as the game is the only single-player only title making the list.

Wrapping things up, I thought this blog post at The Old Gamers’ Den was interesting. It’s from a player that’s trying to instill the values of Dr. Who with his character. Great outfit, we need someone to make a Tardis mod.

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  1. Moira? Condescending? Does not compute. Spacey, certainly, but not condescending. The Outcasts have that aspect cornered.

  2. request for a official mod for camera of tes4
    hi maybe im too old (because many people now just play fallout3 instead of tes4…)but i still want to request for a mod that could make the tes camera the same as the fallout3 i mean the over-shoulder camera
    i downloaded one made by fans from tesnexus but it contains many bugs so i come here and make the request
    will you have time to do it?