Mothership Zeta lands August 3rd


Today we’re pleased to release the first four screenshots for Mothership Zeta, our fifth and final DLC for Fallout 3. Head to the Fallout 3 Official Site to see them in all their glory.

As the subject line already states, we’re bringing Mothership Zeta to Games for Windows LIVE and Xbox LIVE on MONDAY, August 3rd for 800 MS Points. The DLC will be released at a later date on PlayStation 3.

Stay tuned between now and August 3rd for more details on Mothership Zeta.

Reader Comments

  1. Wow, those four pict look amzazing. And the guns look awesome!!! Whats that one the back of the guy, Screenshot2.
    Auguust 3rd seems so far away.

    Anyway, Nat.

  2. This looks really cool. I’m wondering, when you say “strongest weapons in the game”, does this mean Mothership Zeta will bring a totally new tier of weapons that will replace the others? Such as an alien version of the hunting rifle or combat shotgun?

  3. I wonder what’s Bethesda going to do after this DLC, what surprises will come… Thanks Bethesda, thanks for everything you’re the best!

  4. Will there be the same problems with GfWL as with the other addons (i.e. I cannot download them in the same language as the main game when I’m not in the correct country)?

  5. Hey guys I just sprung an idea.
    Remember those vault 101 t-shirts… and every single one of my friends that play fallout said that it would be cool to have it as a GOTY pre-order incentive