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This week we check in with Bob Chisholm (aka Yasgur)— one of our BGS forum moderators. Bob is retired (a former employee of Xerox) and lives in New Windsor, NY. Each day when he preps to moderate the forums, he puts on this suit and tie (sorry, banhammer not pictured).

How did first make your way to the Bethesda Game Studios forums?
I can’t really recall, but I’d bet it was asking about that damnable puzzle box.

Is there a story behind your avatar (cow) and your username?
I could say that I’m simply a cow boy, but the truth lies elsewhere. This has been posted before, so some of you can just skip over it. I was trying to think up a user name and had a carton of milk from the Yasgur’s Farm Dairy next to me. Max Yasgur died in the 70’s, but he owned a dairy farm in Bethel, NY. When the organizers of the Woodstock Festival were running out of time finding a site, he offered to lease them some alfalfa fields on his property. Thus his name is legend among children of the 60’s.

When did you become a moderator? Any fond memories from when you got started?
I was asked to trade in my spamming rights in February of 2007. I was very startled by the “offer,” so I asked nightmare2013 (a good acquaintence from MW H/S) what he thought about and he said go for it. I did.

Prior to becoming a moderator, did you ever have any run ins with other moderators?
Ah yes. Shortly after the warning bars appeared, Archie warned me for censor avoidance. IIRC, it was in reference to the use of IMHO. I was suitably embarrassed and about a year later I got a message from CCNA that it was being removed. That was another surprise. I wasn’t aware that the rule had been changed allowing reductions.

In your years as a community member and forum moderator, what are some of your most memorable moments in the forums?
I think this holds for anyone on the forum. The best moments are when you get something from another member (either a message or a post) expressing appreciation for something you said or did. When I was still a regular member, most of my time was spent in MW H/S trying to help folks with problems. I/We didn’t always succeed, but once in awhile we did and the response was always gratifying.

What’s the best way to avoid getting a warning/ban on your account? (be nice in your response smile.gif)
Be helpful and kind. Post as if you were sitting at a table, drinking a beverage of your choice, with the other members in the topic.

Similarly, what kind of advice can you offer to someone who would like to become a forum moderator.
See above. 🙂

What hours of the day can members typically find you roaming the boards?
I’m retired. I also don’t need as much sleep as I once did. You can find me here pretty much anytime, from early morning to, well, early morning.

When you’re not moderating, how do you spend your free time?
Free time is something I’ve got in spades. I game, ride around the lawn in my power cup holder, hang out with my youngest son (he still lives in the area) and I’m looking in to getting a little more education. My daughter has gone in with some friends for a house down in Lavalette, NJ for a few weeks. We plan on getting some beach time for a couple of days next week.

Of the titles released by Bethesda Game Studios, what stands out as your favorite?
I still play Morrowind on a daily basis, so that has to be the winnah. I also give a fair amount of time to Fallout 3, but I haven’t run Oblivion in a month or so. I played it a whole lot for the first year after release though. I regret to say that I couldn’t get in to Arena and have only played some of the Daggerfall demo. I totally missed out on the offshoots.

In future titles, is there anything in particular you’d like to see?
I’d like to see future games designed more like Morrowind.

If you were in charge of Bethesda Softworks for one day, what would you do?

Reader Comments

  1. [If you were in charge of Bethesda Softworks for one day, what would you do?

    Huh? I thought this was what a normal day at Bethesda always was.

    Thanks Yasgur for all the fantastic! godlike! epic sorrow crushing! happiness inspiring and MAGNIFYING moderating!

    Now say that twenty times real fast while eating peanut butter! Mmm dont it taste good!

    Oh by the way you look so 1970s retro cool in your snazzy snapshot 😀

  2. Just remember, you can try daggerfall now, see if it grabs you….

    I too have always wondered about the cow…the mystery has been solved.

  3. i recently experienced a situation where a young modder cited my above average age of 35 as a reason why i should coalesce to his attempt at a coup of the project i head.

    needless to say, i disagreed 😉

    it’s wonderful to see other folks outside of their teens still actively immersed in the MW community.

  4. HB: That snapshot is about 20 years old, so retro is what it is. It’s the only digital pic I have so…

    DaMage: I’ve been playing it for a little bit now. I just met Morgiah for the first time. Pretty cool. 🙂

    Thanks guys.

  5. QuixoteUgly, perhaps your modding pal needs to be reminded that most of the mods I use are by people over the age of 25 – in fact, half of the modders in my modlist are over 40. 😀
    Still, no point in crying over spilt milk. I think Yasgur’s interview was mooving, if a little cheesy, and he was definitely milking it for all it was worth. Lest I find myself the subject of bovine retribution, I’d better moove on out of here.