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  1. I really hope there is a way to have a constant supply of ammunition. If there isn’t enough ammo, it’s difficult to enjoy a new weapon.

  2. Great courage breaking Ming The Merciless! Those weapons look so deliciously inhuman in death dealing design along with the great new perk. E.T. will never phone home again 😀

    I wonder if the alien weapons will only be repairable on the alien ship which would be cool in its realism effect. Of course just because it sounds good doesnt mean it plays great as Bethesda has mentioned many times.

  3. the fallout.wikia site is buzzing about samurai armor, new characters from earth’s past, and everyone wants to fire that giant canon in the released picture. Including myself. I would love to finish off DC.

  4. Hmmm! I don’t why it would be released on a Monday… Makes more sense to release something of this nature a day before the weekend, that you get right into it! IMOA

  5. Hmmm interesting this could lead to some plot twists. The main char has seen what the world is like, and in these photos he is in space, does he really want to return? I wonder if that will be a decision at the end of the dlc to stay on the ship and go to its destination, or go back to the wasteland.

  6. Good news. But I still cannot play even the first DLC episode in English because I live in Germany. The Xbox Live Marketplace does only offer a German version. I bought it before it was labelled “german only” and have not even gotten a refund. I want to be able to play the add-on anyway. Can you imagine how silly it is when inside the game you are suddenly switched from English screen text and audio to German?

    I’d love to see this somehow rectified. I also written my fourth email to you guys in hopes to finally get an answer to this situation. Thanks.