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The news keeps coming — here’s the latest. Father’s Day passed us by more than a month ago, so I guess 1Up’s Scott Sharkey figured it was okay to rip into dear-old-dads from videogames’ past. His feature, Top 5 Crappiest Videogame Dads, leads off with James from Fallout 3. I guess James’ gift of a BB gun saved him from the Top 5, as he actually comes in at the #6 spot. Head here to continue the countdown.

While Dad is getting the diss, Fallout 3’s best friend, Dogmeat, gets his due in a new column by Michael Fiegel of The Escapist. The column discusses his origins and popularity — from the original Fallout to his role in Fallout 3. Check it out a snippet below:

“What isn’t derived from The Road Warrior is Dogmeat’s name; that likely comes from a scene in the 1975 film A Boy and His Dog where Vic (Don Johnson) refers to his mutt as ‘Dogmeat.'”

Some of Brink’s print coverage in the UK is now making its way online. Check out previews at OXM UK and Games Radar.

Moving to WET, both SPOnG and have new hands-on impressions, while Gamereactor TV has an interview with Lead Game Designer Ash Ismail.

There’s a few more Point Lookout reviews you can check out. Visit GamesRadar, TheJRE,  and Game Industry News. Finally, Crispy Gamer has a three-page Achievement guide for Fallout 3 and its DLC.

Update: And if you haven’t gotten Point Lookout yet, GamePro and Xcast Online have contests for codes.

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  1. “Update: And if you haven’t gotten Point Lookout yet, GamePro has a code giveaway at their site.”

    I doubt anyone who visits this site hasn’t got it yet… And if you are going to quote me and say “I haven’t…” Come over, and I will punch you in the mouth, because you are missing out!

  2. I haven’t but I have a ps3 thanks bethesda for taking microsofts money and leaving ps3 owners out in the cold for over half a year on its dlc

  3. Haha I don’t have it yet, I’m waiting for the retail box. I love my boxes *rubs them hard*

    Please don’t hit me.

  4. I just noticed that the previous update for Fallout didn’t quite click right with my system. When I compare achievements with a friend they have the achievements for Mothership Zeta listed…but when I look at my own achievements on “My Xbox”, I don’t see the Mothership achievements.