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Here’s a quick web update.

We’re less than a week away from Mothership Zeta, and there’s a pair of new interviews with DLC Producer Jeff Gardiner at Go! Gaming Giant and Talking About Games. Here’s a look at a snippet from the latter:

What was the motivation behind taking players onto an alien spacecraft for Mothership Zeta? Did someone on the team have an encounter?

Jeff Gardiner: We thought it would be a very unique environment to explore, a far cry from the dust ravaged wastes of DC.  The lead designer, Emil Pagliarulo, and I are interested in Alien conspiracy theory…  There’s a lot of information to sift through on the internet, while neither of us is quite sure what to believe it makes for interesting coffee conversation.

Sites continue to give away Point Lookout Codes. GameFocus is the latest with a contest running through tomorrow.

In preview coverage, NowGamer has a new preview for Brink. Here’s a sample:

“Your character will be entirely user-created, giving you the chance to be totally unique. Our short demonstration pointed to a customisation engine that appeared to ensure your character looked damn cool no matter what you did with it – quite a feat.”

For more on Brink, check out’s interview with Richard Ham.

Finally, if you haven’t checked out the trailer for The Book of Eli — starring Denzel Washington — you might want to give it a look. On several sites, including Kotaku, comparisons to Fallout 3 are already being made.

Updates: This morning on Kotaku, I spotted some cool Fallout “accessories.” Learn how to put them together at The Weekly Geek.

Elsewhere, you can learn more about the technology for Brink at PC Games Hardware — who has an interview with Arnout van Meer — Splash Damage’s Technical Director.

If you’re planning on attending QuakeCon — check here for details on how you could win a 2010 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 Coupe. Sadly, I’m not eligible, so I’ll have to stick with Nike and New Balance.

Reader Comments

  1. Lol @ Adam

    I watched the trailer the second I saw it on Kotaku. It looks awesome, but… I think The Road looks better IMO. Denzel’s fighting was just kinda ridiculous how he took on 256027384324 guys at once and one even had a chainsaw. I mean I could do it… But Denzel? No… Regardless of all this stupid rambling I am doing, I am going to see it.

  2. Damn, but that trailer really does bear some great resemblances to Fallout. 😀

    (Seriously, I almost wish the apocalypse would just come already, since all these movies/games are just making me itch to prove my awesome post-apocalyptia skillz.)

    (Even though it probably would be more like The Road and thus involve me weeping silently to myself and partaking in much general wibbling.)

  3. After seeing this, I wonder if a Fallout movie would do well? the book of Eli sounds a lot like the G.E.C.K…

    Plus there are a lot more elements in Fallout that a movie could elaborate on (BoS, Enclave etc).

    I lol’d at the VATS rocket. 😛

  4. i cant wait for mothership zeta,the wait time make me CRAZY =P i hope the wait time is worth the time for mothership zeta =) i hope there is much more longer game time in mothership zeta quest line and if it would be the then i would rate the game
    10 / 10 stars if not i would rate 4 / 10 so it beter have long gametime and also lots of items like more armors and more weapons.
    also a good quest story line would be good

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