Mothership Zeta Trailer and Team Diary (Updated)

Before Mothership Zeta launches on Monday, we’ve uploaded a new trailer. Check it out on our site or through our Bethesda Softworks YouTube Channel. Special thanks to Matt Killmon for all his awesome work on all our DLC trailers.

We’ve also got a new Team Diary from Fallout 3 Lead Artist Istvan Pely, who spearheaded Mothershp Zeta. In the diary, Ist discusses what went into making this “far out” DLC — detailing the hard work and countless hours put in by members of the team. Here’s an excerpt:

“And with that begins the Vault Dweller’s final and most fantastical adventure in the Capital Wasteland, or rather several hundred miles far above it. The concept of the UFO visit emerged early in the idea-toss sessions we had for DLC, in fact it was the very first thing to pop into my mind; it just seemed a natural fit. But we saved it for last, as a fitting conclusion to the Vault Dweller’s story.”

You can read the rest here — complete with new screenshots.

Updated: Polish site has a Mothership Zeta interview with Brian Chapin. It’s in both Polish and English. For consistency’s sake, I’ll post the snippet in English…

We know that the main quest in this add-on will be to escape from the spaceship. How many side-quests and achievements can we expect from it?

BC: There aren’t any explicit side quests, but Mothership Zeta is a pretty big place. While you’ll be receiving three of the four achievements from completing the main quest line, you’ll have to do some searching off the beaten path to get the last achievement. And it’s worth exploring just to see everything that the aliens are up to — they’ve been doing some pretty strange things.

For those keeping track, we’re less than two days away from Mothership Zeta!

Reader Comments

  1. Looks awesome, very X-files 😀 Can’t wait for this. I hope you guys are enjoying creating this as much as I enjoy playing it.

    *insert ‘good job’ emote here*

  2. I really enjoy playing Fallout 3. I’ve got all the DLCs up to date so I’m definitely not mising on this one. It looks really good as it takes you to a completely different place which is not in the wasteland. You’ve done a great job Bethedsa. Keep it up!

  3. I’ve got to be honest.. that looks underwhelming. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something seems missing. Out of all the DLC trailers, this is least appealing. As a PS3 owner, hopefully I won’t have to wait too long to play it.

  4. This looks frigging fabulous! and the trailer is a work of advertising art. Very b-movie stylish 🙂

    The music is fantastic. Will it be part of the MOTHERSHIP ZETA DLC?

    Thanks for all the work and thinking that must have gone into creating this eye catching trailer. Hot stuff! OUCH! I burned my little pinky! No not that one!

  5. Now that looks pretty damn cool. Also, good job hyping the s### out of this DLC, I’m sure your going to be the next EA after this.