WET set for September 15th

Today we put out a release announcing that WET will be in North American stores on September 15th (September 18th for Europe.) Additionally, we have a new website up for the game, wet.bethsoft.com, which we’ll be updating regularly between now and the game’s release.

While on the WET website, be sure to check out details on our “Share to Win” contest — where you can win WET-themed wallpapers and WET posters signed by Eliza Dushku (the voice of Rubi). You can even win the top prize — a custom-skinned Xbox 360 and controller.

Reader Comments

  1. That is one of the best things I’ve seen for some time.
    It’s also nice to see a teaser (or whatever you’ll call it) using real life sequences. Everything today is CG so this was very refreshing.

  2. Crazy ha ha 😀 They must be suffering from praying mantis syndrome where the female kills the male after mating.

    The first actor reminds me of George Eastman the 1980s actor who portrayed the serial killer zombie Anthropophagus aka The Grim Reaper.

    Great makeup effects and the guy on the fan sure knows how to dance gracefully 😀

  3. Since you have added the “birthdate” requirement to view your blog, the RSS feed no longer works. Can you fix this for those of us who keep a widget on our home page to keep up with the blog? Several Bethesda lovers groups also keep Bethesda Blog widgets up for group members to keep up with your blog (that are no longer working) – is any content on here not viewable by minors anyway? I’ve never seen anything on here I wouldn’t feel comfortable having my children see.

  4. @mALX — it’s an issue of having mature rated titles.

    We’re looking into the RSS issues — hopefully we can get that resolved next week. Thanks for being patient.