Weekend Update

Here’s some of the latest online coverage — in case you’re having a slow Saturday like me.

If you haven’t checked out Drakortha’s Fallout 3 fan videos, definitely give his channel a look. His latest video, The DC Chronicles Ep 3 – Tunnels (above), is quite entertaining.

Sites continue to look back at Fallout 3. GamesRadar includes Fallout 3 a a feature about games from 2008 they can’t stop playing. Meanwhile, Geek.com has their own look back.

Gamasutra has a new interview with Ed Stern — Senior Game Designer at Splash Damage for Brink. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Kris Graft: What about accessibility? You guys have a background in hardcore shooters, but I’ve always thought that something like Valve’s Team Fortress 2, for example, is a shooter that somebody who’s not good at shooters can still play.

ES: Well, that’s why we hired Richard Ham. He was one of the co-creators of Syphon Filter. He put The Sims on the consoles, which as far as I’m concerned is a superpower. That is a certifiable achievement. And he just finished Fable 2. He is brilliant at taking a system and making it easy to get into.

In WET news, Play Magazine has a new feature on Gaming’s New Girls — featuring the game’s lead character, Rubi Malone. WET also gets a mention (as does Rogue Warrior) in a new BBC article discussing Hollywood stars becoming involved in gaming.

In id Software news, in preparation for QuakeCon 2009, there’s a new YouTube video with CEO Todd Hollenshead making wagers with the QuakeCon Girls. If you’re attending the show, you’ll be able to find out who wins the best. Elsewhere, WebDesignDev has a list of the 30 Most Influential People in Programming that includes John Carmack on the list.

Wrapping things up, I thought I’d share some really impressive Fallout 3  Fan Art and Nuka Cola machine spotted by folks at our office.



Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Reader Comments

  1. The madmen! They created a Nuka Cola fridge! Whats next a nuclear war!?

    Looks great though 🙂 A true work of toxic deceptive advertising wrapped in candy wrapper eye delight. Thank goodness i read those factory terminals! Healthy my bloody hemms!

    Thanks for the fine articles for crazy people like me to enjoy.

  2. What’s with Mothership Zeta, I saw it’s not up on marketplace….well it is it’s just that the link to it is broken. When I select “Buy” it goes nowhere. However when I go to buy it through the “Download” menu option in the game’s menu, I can buy it. I haven’t bought it yet, I wanted to know if maybe something went wrong with the first post.

  3. Nevermind, I just checked and it’s back up. And on the Spotlight too. Before when I checked I only found in under Game Marketplace, which I found odd as all the others had been on the Spotlight as well.

    But everything appears to be normal. Thanks.

  4. The only HUGE gripe I have over MZ is that you cannot go back through the entire ship. I found 20 abductee archives…and now I can’t even go to find the rest. I’m guessing there’s 25? But the point is now I have to go back through the entire questline if I want to find out what happened to everyone/get the achievement for it.