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  1. Bethesda, nice job with the DLC and everything but, for God’s Sake, PLEASE make a patch fixing all of those bugs! For example, I got General Chase’s overcoat, and guess what it looks like? Winterized Combat Armor. Don’t you play-test these things?

    I’m not trying to be rude but please, PLEASE hear my plea.

  2. GOT IT…. Just picked up a Digiorno and some Heine… (Heineken, best beer ever) and waiting for the AMAZING to start.

  3. So far, so awesome. You guys have outdone yourselves once again. I can hardly wait to finish the DLC up and do the main quest with these guns.

    And to think the enclave thought they were pretty cool with their plasma…

  4. I hate how you can’t go back into the different parts of the ship after you beat it. So to anyone out there wanting to collect all the archives like myself…BE SURE TO DO IT IN ONE TRY. Otherwise you have to do the entire thing all over again. I just wish they’d give us more of heads up if they plan on designing it so we can’t go back through the entire ship. You can however access the bridge, engineering core, steam works and holding cells. But that’s it, nothing else. It was rather disappointing but I’m hoping Beth. will sort this design issues out in future DLCs. I also noticed a bug that I see infrequently but it seems to be all over this DLC. When an NPC is holding a weapon, sometimes they appear to hold it upside down. Another bug, when grabbing Wasteland/ Pre- War items of a shelf in the Cyro Labs, I noticed other objects appear. For instance I would grab ammo off a shelf and then a RobCo Jumpsuit would appear out of nowhere, next to were that ammo was.

    Please if possible, include access to the other areas of the ship in the next update.

  5. I have the 360 version and on This Galaxy Ain’t Big Enough when I activate the engine core teleporter Sally never apears and i’m traped in that room

  6. Can you please release update so i can access rest of the ship after completing.
    I really dont feel like starting a new character just to get 1 achievement :/

  7. Soooo… My pizza is done, my beer is in my cold glass. And I just received the radio signal… Im sitting in Vent. with some friends and its hard for me to go on… Knowing that this will be my last real journey in the Capitol Waste’s 🙁 But… I must go on, and say…

    THANK YOU BETHESDA FOR MAKING THE BEST GAME EVER! I have been playing games since I was 6… 22 now. And never, have I played a game that I have enjoyed more than Fallout 3. Thank you!

  8. This DLC is pretty horrible. There really is no story to it at all it’s just run and gun and nothing else. After playing this DLC I will say this is definitely the worst of them all and even worse I actually would’ve preferred playing bullet witch over this DLC.

  9. I downloaded this game last night and couldn’t find it on my PC even after doing a search and a manual search. How do I contact them on the site to get it sorted out?

  10. It all looks very good, but I will not touch this newfangled ‘Games for Windows Live’ system with a ten foot pole. So as yet no DLC’s for me unless they are all released on that ancient, legendary thing called a ‘disk’.

  11. Loved the DLC. A lot of work obviously went into it. My ONLY criticism is that I was hoping the aliens story would’ve been fleshed out better. I kind of had to assume what their master plan was by analysing the environment and fighting “certain” enemies.

  12. I hated the DLC, but it had a few unique moments. The “battleship” at the end and the trash compactor part were the most fun I’ve had in Fallout in a while. ut it’s very ignorant to say we can explore the ship. We get an excuse for “Captain’s Quarters” and can walk around two worthless areas.

    Operation: Anchorage remains my favorite.

  13. *Spoiler* I played this yesterday, pretty awesome DLC guys. I like the Samurai Armor with the shock sword from Anchorage it looks sweet! *Spolier*

  14. Is there any way you can make it so the whole ship is still accessible to us AFTER the mission is over? Especially for going back to get stuff we left behind or forgot to pick up like some alien captive recordings.

  15. I said I wasn’t going to get this one, but I love the game so much, so I decided to get it. This has to be the worst DLC for this game. I thought OA was bad, this is a lot worst. Point Lookout was amazing, should have just ran with it, but you didn’t, this DLC is a big disappointment.

  16. DLC overall was really great, its just, Bethesda if you could, make an update to make the other parts of the ship accessible and please fix the General Chase’s Overcoat, it is supposed to look like a winterized colonel autumn outfit, not a winterized combat armor.

  17. Thanks for the DLC, it was a new experience to say the least, but I don’t think it suited Fallout. The recording hinting at the aliens starting the war was also rather controversial.

  18. Make the other parts of the ship able to get into after finishing the quest in a new update it will be alot better and easier to get the captive logs

  19. Congratulations Bethesda on the release of this excellent DLC 😀

    And thanks for the just released patch 1.7 update which is working great even on my old save with mods!

  20. Great DLC………but, we need a quest for more music. I know 3 Dog would love to get his hands on some Coasters or Elvis. Come on Bethesda, more Music!

  21. I am on “Among the stars” and after I destroy the cryo room engine I cant leave through the teleporter or out the way I came please help me. I must beast the rest of the DLC

  22. I was just wondering is anyone else having glitch problems where the teleporters do not work anymore? Because now I can’t finish the DLC and get my last achievement for this content. I can handle minor glitches but when it starts messing with my achievements I get pretty tee’d off!

  23. Also having the problem in the observation deck with the NPC’s not showing up (on 360). One of them got killed- could that have anything to do with it?

  24. Yeah, I agree with Trevor. More music…plus it’s be nice if the Point Lookout would of had it’s own music. The Pitt had it’s own music when wandering around the world. I was expecting to hear something like what you hear when you first arrive at Point Lookout. The banjo and bass playing, it really fit the environment well. But instead we got the same music we hear in the Wasteland.

  25. Honestly, this was a disappointing DLC. Could have at least had a story to back it up. Going around collecting things is just tedious. The whole thing seemed thrown together to me.

  26. Yea, I’m stuck in the observation room too. My characters teleported in ok, but I got no hologram scene. Basically nothing, just walked around the room, looked at earth, and then cannot open the door. All the NPCs are bouncing around the far door but Sally won’t open it. One of the NPCs said something about disabling the big gun. Looks like I might have to play the whole thing again because my only save is right there. Not sure its worth it, especially not knowing if I’ll just get glitched again anyway.

  27. Ive got to say bethesda every dlc till now was very good with the best of al point lookout, but I was bit disapointed with mothership zeta a few little changes could made the dlc so much better for example making the full ship explorable after the ending instead of locking more than half of the ship.
    I love the work you are putting in fallout, but i know you guys can do better!

  28. Great game, easy to become immersed and wonderful DLC. My problem, however, is that General Chase’s Overcoat is Winterized Combat Armor. Its obviously a VERY simple coding glitch and should be an easy fix, just change the item coding. I can’t understand how it can be so easily overlooked. I agree with John… If you’re going to add it to the game and raise our hopes, you could at least make sure it works. 🙁 Here’s hoping for a fix, which would take very little effort, soon! I want time to enjoy it before New Vegas comes out.

  29. I thought this DLC was excellent. That was all until I discovered that I’m trapped in one part of the ship! I beat all the DLC missions, got most of the captive recordings and wanted to explore the ship and re-take a drone cannon. I teleported from the Bridge to Engineering Core. Then, decided to search the Steamworks and Holding Cells. Finally, I attempt to activate the Hangar door. But it reads INACCESSIBLE! Then, all of the other doors read INACCESSIBLE! So I also attempt to teleport back to the Bridge. Guess what? The teleporter does not work. I play on the PS3, so I press X and just a clicking sound activates. What a shame. I thought I could exit the ship with new, cool weapons but now I must deal with the fact that I cannot obtain those weapons until I redo the missions. Bethesda, this was a nice DLC expansion, but too many bugs. I wish you could just take the time to make a simple update. =(