Fallout 3 wins Game of the Year at G-Phoria Awards

The G-Phoria ’09 Video Game Awards – as voted on by fans like you – were announced tonight on X-Play. Fallout 3 captured Game of the Year, as well as Best Soundtrack, Longest Lasting Game, Best Downloadable Content (Broken Steel), Best Voice-Acting, and Best Role-Playing Game. Above is a video of Emil accepting the GOTY award.

Thanks everyone for voting and for playing Fallout 3. We’re thrilled to know so many people enjoyed it.

Reader Comments

  1. Congrats Bethesda, you guys deserve all the acclaim for making such astounding games. The only one of those awards I would argue against would be Team Fortress 2 for best DLC (even though it came out in 2007) since the Spy/Sniper update was (free and) amazing. How it didn’t even get nominated and Fable 2 DLC did is beyond me.

  2. I can’t really think of anything that would appropriately express the absurdity of a Bethesda game winning best voice acting, so I’ll just go with…

    Did you know I was born January 1st, 1900?

  3. @Mark: I think the TF2 stuff didn’t really count as DLC, I think technically it was considered an update.


    Congrats guys, you earned it, now how about celebrating by announcing an expansion? 😛

  4. Moving on to bigger and better things huh?
    I wonder what that could be.

    Anyway, Contratulations on the award devs. You poured blood, sweat and tears into the project, you deserve the award.
    Thanks for a great game.

  5. @ Billy, I thought project V13 was the abandoned Fallout 3 game?

    Anyways congratulations Bethesda. Fallout 3 deserves the award. 🙂

  6. Congrats, this is well deserved. Can’t think of a better game in recent memory. I agree with the above post. Pop a glass of bubbly and announce a full expansion to make us happy. DONT LET IT END!!!!!!!!

  7. Wow Emil Pagliarulo is looking healthier and healthier everytime he appears on a video. Even his voice is stronger and younger.

    Yaaay for Bethesda! The ultimate creators of ultimate game worlds!