Clarifying About Next Elder Scrolls game, MMO, etc.


Apparently some folks got a bit upset by reports based on Todd’s talk at QuakeCon last week. An article came out where Todd was quoted as saying we had no plans for a TES V. He did not say that. That was not a direct quote from him. That was someone’s interpretation of what he said. I know, I was there.

At his QuakeCon talk he was asked when TESV is coming out and Todd replied, “Don’t look for a new Elder Scrolls game in the near future.”  He also went on to say how much the franchise means to us and that it definitely will continue. He just wasn’t going to provide any timeframe on “when.” This should not be news to anyone that has been paying attention. Both Todd and I have said repeatedly that, of course, we’re going to do another Elder Scrolls game. The last one was enormously popular. So was the one before that. You get the idea. So do we.

Todd and Bethesda Game Studios are hard at work on their next big game, and we’re not ready to discuss it. As always, we prefer to have something amazing to show when we talk about it. We aren’t going to confirm or deny or comment on speculation, nor are we going to give hints about anything. If you know us by now, you know we don’t really do that.

In regards to the MMO comment, he was asked if there was “any chance of an Elder Scrolls MMO” and he replied — in a joking fashion — by saying “I guess there’s a chance.” To be clear, Todd and his team do not make MMOs, for any franchise, at all. We have another division, ZeniMax Online Studios, which is lead by Matt Firor, and they are working on an MMO. They have not said anything about what game they are making. When ZeniMax Online is ready to show what they are up to, we’ll let everyone know. Until then we aren’t going to provide hints or speculate on what they’re doing either.

Hope that helps clear things up.

Reader Comments

  1. Great relief that you are working, Great disappointment in its “future” release. Oblivion is FOUR YEARS OLD! What are you programming in, BASIC?
    If that sounds like frustration, well – DUH!
    Let’s git it on!

  2. Well, I for one, am glad to hear they are in the works for TES5. How far along they are I don’t know. I can understand why they’d want to keep it out of the light for now because, simply, Fans would eat them alive in excitement that they wouldn’t finish it the way they wanted to if rushed by a clamouring fan base. That, and they want something to show so you’d know for sure that they’ve got something good. As a fan though, I wish they’d tell us something, but it’s probably best they keep it a surprise.

    As for the MMO rumor, or whatever, If they were to make one.. I would lose interest in that TES MMO. Reason being is I wouldn’t want TES to become another WoW MMORPG. Enough MMO’s floating around out there, that Beththesda shouldn’t conform with them. The most I would hope for, in the way of Multiplayer, is Co-op play for PC or Xbox 360, or PS3.

    As far as I’m concerned though, you’d think with FO 3, and it’s Pitt, Anchorage, Point Lookout, Broken Steel, and Mothership Zeta DLC’s they’d have enough to fund a TES5 project? Personally I feel they should use the Fallout 3 engine, and incorperate it into the world of Tamriel. Maybe even hacking a leg or arm off a monster in TES5 would be pretty fun, (I had loads of fun with the dismemberment in Fallout 3 with melee weapons), so it’d make the actually feel of a Claymore, or War Axe become more viceral and immersive. Altogether, I’m ready for the wait, and I’d say let them take their time, because if they put the time into it, TES5 would probably look, and play out really good. I just hope we’d get to explore all of Tamriel in add-ons or something.

  3. There’s no way they would quit ES anyway, it’s their deepest and most interesting series, they’ve got years upon years of lore stockpiled, more than even the most veteran Morrowind, Arena and Battlespire players could even guess at.

    Bethesda knows its strengths as well, none of them have ever really worked of MMOs I guess, so it would be bad territory for them to foray into. The programming for networking is fantastically hard, let them master single player gameplay before the even consider letting anyone else touch their baby.

    Just look at the book, I’m only a little way in and what has happened since Martin Septim surprised the hell out of me, I never did like those slithery bastards…

    Well, I tip my hat to bethesda for making good games. My only word of advice, only ever put guns in ES is your going to do it right, seems likea redundant thing to say to you guys because you always make sure you do things right before you release them but that is what seperates you from (blech) Fable.

    Fusozay Var Var
    Kazuanar Eiu Ra’zhik vano Renrijra Krin.

  4. I’m not the type of person that gets addicted to anything but man I love Oblivion so friggin’ much and have found myself jonesin’ for a sequel. Just hearing from the horses mouth that they will be making one makes me a happy boy.

    I mean it wouldn’t make sense to change the formula. They made ridiculous sales with oblivion $$$ and won so many awards and accolades. Morrowind at the time also did well $$$ and we all know when you’re making lots of $$$ if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    I also liked the post from Kyle on August 17th above “and thank god its not an MMO because that would suck ass”.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. 🙂

  5. An TES Online would ruin everything in my opinion.

    Oblivion was released March 20 2006. That is soon 4 years ago. Fans are getting nervous including myself. Todays games are great with graphic gameplay story etc. BUT TES games have something that other games does not. I hope we get some good news soon. Cant wait anymore!


  6. whats this i hear about court documents prving your making a elder scrolls mmo :(? is it true 🙁 will there be no tes 5 because of this :(?

  7. Hey Pete!

    Any change or update yet?

    I’ve been searching for hours and this is the only confirmation that an ES 5 will eventually be made.

    Has an ES 5 been announced yet?
    If not please let me down int he nicest way possible and jus say…… NO!


  8. so? any news on 5th?

    the clock is ticking and people are really …

    not happy; of course we can wait for something

    good 2 come but at least some info, like: wait

    cause you have what 2 wait for, we are pleased

    with the work been done, something …

  9. Didn’t Zenimax trademark the name: “Skyrim” back in 2006? I really hope the next game is set there, or perhaps in Valenwood and Elsweyr… Can’t wait for the next Elder Scrolls game, and I certainly hope you bring back some aspects from Morrowind and Daggerfall.

  10. I am glad thats like that honesly, im just happy knowing for sure that there Will be another TES, itll come out when its ready an not before, thats one of the best thing about bethsda

  11. Yes, this article said there will not be a “Elder Scrolls V”; however, it never said there wouldn’t be a Elder Scrolls Online (MMORPG). Moreover, they just confirmed they are not cancelling the Elder Scrolls Series…. hint hint…. To me, I believe they just confirmed a Elder Scrolls MMORPG. Anyone want to make a bet on it?

  12. i agree with the comments about making it an mmorpg, itd just spoil it, i find with mmorpgs the single player suffers, and thatd be a big shame, i would enjoy it though if there was like, an online co-op feature, but i don see how that’d work, but if they could make i into an mmo then im sure they could do co-op

  13. Now, I think that if Beth is working on a new TES, it´s in advanced development stage. Almost done, maybe. And it will be great.
    If it´s in a starter stage, maybe they will hear some of our suggestions. And it´s good.

    First of all, Bethesda could really think about selecting the best plugins created by users
    on Morrowid and Oblivion and try to implement it on TES5.
    Aparently foolish datails as making the harvest more realistic, rusty visual of the rusty weapons and armor, body of female characters more female like are things that improve the experience of
    the original game to another level.

    Personaly (and I am not sure if somebody made a plugin or commented about it), I suggest some
    implements: first, that you can freely change the view of camera 360º around your character. It is great to see the front of your avatar on itens menu, but is sad only seeing him/her back when interacting on enviroment.

    Body edition. Height and weight could be edited, arms, shoulder, legs, feet, etc.
    Hair. It is understood that in medieval era people didn´t use to care much about hair cut, so the variety of hair style found in cities over Cyrodill fits good, but still some people (including me), felt a lack of variety to customise avatars. The ideal is that NPCs don´t have much exotic cuts, but still we have more options of (maybe exclusive) hair.
    Head motion. When you are seated, moving left or right, up or down, avatar could turn his/her face to respective direction. It would produce a better feeling of interaction.
    As I said, those are some ideas, just that. I think we all have thoughts when playing and this is a good space to put them.

  14. TES V: wouldn’t hurt to implement capes… preferably guild capes just adds that awsomeness. I didn’t like how all the cities were already explored in TES IV Oblivon, playing TES without fast travel (in some cases) is better IMO

  15. first of all read the post before this. I was hoping that in the nest elder scrolls game you could make it all of the continent:).

    if on the other hand u are in the advanced development stages, I (and many others) would love a small tidbit of inf to tide us over until you fully release game details.

    I bought FO3, and really liked it, the one problem (I didnt get any DLC) was the lack of quest lines that made oblivion soooo good, I loved being able to become, the grand champion, and other titles which i have forgot :(. cant wait for news.


  16. I liked the idea someone wrote about differences between races at quests (and some items, maybe.. aging, since elves live much more).
    I think it could be great to have some quests unique to each race. But it would be better as branches of the main quest, common to all (as much as other quests that keep been common to all races).

    Another person said about creating and editing houses.
    Not sure if the player been able to make ur own House,Village is ok… Maybe a better display of the items you put inside could be better. We just can see a list of objects at closets and chests inside the house, but it could have a improved disposition. More decorative options to fill house´s interior. Some way to invite NPCs and show your house? A quest that depends of you having a beautiful house to be concluded?

    About the quests, some more like Canvas the Castle would be fine, too.
    I mean, some of them where you don´t need to draw your weapon to complete…
    A great thing would be if you need to use the corret cloth to complete a task.
    For example, since you have to talk with a Countess or Count, you should use some apropriate cloth,
    like a Black & Burgundy Outfit or Blue Velvet Outfit, Gold Trimmed Shoes, etc. or some certain
    NPCs would not give you essencial information to complete that task (and for sure would have some
    hint about how to dress in somewhere). I think corret dress could have some importance in TES5, as much as non combative quests.
    Investigative, relationship and trading quests could have a little more presence in side quests. Maybe working for press, in Black Horse Courier.
    Talking about horses, why not have to tame
    some horse or unicorn and use it in a specific quest, too? Or having a main quest of mastering to ride the horses? Will we be able to use bow&arrow as much as fireballs when mounted the horse?
    It could be a quest to enable this ability..

  17. Another idea: a special weapon that you only can acquire if becoming an aprendice of the “great smith”?
    To do that, you´ll need to read the correct book, use blacksmith clothes and he will accept you as a disciple.
    And after a hard work, you receive a compensation: the great forged item!
    Maybe a special item colected will be a requirement for him to forge this ultimate weapon.

    And when we decide to walk naked in streets, it could have a reaction on NPCs… you can imagine a lot of different reactions, it´s not complicated. Even it could activate an specific quest started by walking naked.
    Walking with light or none clothes in places with snow, cold have some similar behavior to swimming: a time for you to dress appropriately, before get damaged – it will become more realistic. And please, some kind of magic like inner warmth, corresponding to
    breath underwater (we want to have a way to enable looking our avatars naked at snow).

    In battles, woman could have advantage when fighting naked against men. Like a slightly stun effect.

  18. OMG…when i first heard that there wasnt going to be another Elders scrolls game i almost cried(. . .)
    Thank you for posting this and bringin my spirits back up!!! 😛

  19. Okie, this is gettinh bad..Like a dope fiend shaking for my fix..Just a little more infomation please, I don’t expect to know the week,month,or even the year of ESV release. Just please are you working on it??

    We all have the general assumtion these games take a 5 year time span of investment, espcially if working with a new Engine. I’m sure concept design started on ESV prolly a year or some time before ESIV was released in early 2006. So were in 2010 now I believe unless I killed of my last brain cells 300 hours of ES4. It’s been 5 going o 6 years Bethseda? Com’on a Hint? Is a live project or on the shelf.. ?

    Also you people who think or hope it’s going to be on next gen consoles.. Well if thats true we wont see it to 2015+
    The PS3 was a extreme investment for with sony espically with the marketing the first really viable blu-ray tech, and I’m sure the 360 put a small dev dent in MS to there not abadoning these systems for a long time still:(

  20. Also May 4th 2010 interview with Pete Hines,ESV is not even mentioned, only stuff for late ’10 and 2011…He could have dropped a hint. IMHO it’s years out… Why are you guys so dang sneaky about what rose you to glory in the gaming industry?? Sorry if It sounds like whining I just love ES 🙂 Anyways thanks for some clarification even thou vauge.

    P.S By the way ES MMO = No buy for me and I have played and loved MMO’s since Meridian 59.

  21. sweet, at least i know there will be a new ES, some time. i was getting kind of worrired no news for a long time. but i dont read blogs alot so i guess thats why… my horde of neighborhood hardcore ES fans will wait patiently as long as your still making one. well, you will always have my money and trust. BUT ONLY IF ITS NOT AN MMO!

  22. couple of suggestions, one: the sword play needs to be something else rather then slash, slash, slash… you know knock the weapon out of their hand then statb them in the throat or juggular vein… hehe. and maybe more magic types in each school. and the arrows, i can be on any difficulty but if i shoot a bandit trough the head with a rusty barbed arrow he should die. but what ever im not hating on my favorite game series and developers, THANKS BETHESDA!

  23. About next gen consoles, not sure… if they release TES5 in 2010, they will use this gen. After this, maybe not. But probably it will be this gen.
    It´s hard to know how Beth will deal with the new TES, since we didn´t see Morrowind or Daggerfall at videogames before. We don´t have a reference on consoles, so everything is just speculative. But if they do new TES in this consoles generation, it for sure will take all capacity of them and I can imagine that won´t present full TES quality. More possible is that PC version will surpass consoles after 1 or 2 years.
    But be awared: it´s better to prepare our pockets, cause for sure they will use DX11 in this new game, so upgrade our PCs will be essential.

  24. Now, another suggestion: savedata transport.

    YES, I am talking about importing a character from Oblivion or Morrowind, changing some details at the character creation, and using your beloved hardly-rosen-creation.

    And NO, I am not talking about starting having a previous 100% evoluted, millionaire-rich character. But still, someone little-advanced, with some starting cash or unique-item owner. Ok, it´s dificult to imagine how could it be like this starting from the prison? Not much… he/she have a buried treasure, and the first quest is to release from jail and go dig it. Simple.

    Maybe the character could be a pre-defined NPC. Could be a lord, or count(ess), wich the game engine absorves savedata and this NPC is generated by the system.
    I would like to see my actual avatar playing a surprisilingly role at TES5.

    KEEP STARTING AT JAIL!!! It´s like TES copyright and it´s great 🙂

  25. I love the individuality of the magic schools but mabye we could make them even more individual? Like bigger more in-depth schools that ofer better upgrades if you devote more time to the school? I also suggest completely scrapping level capscause they suck 🙂

  26. Oh and one more thing, wouldnt it be awesome if you could become a laird, then a mayor, lord and so on? and people actually needed you? like our avatars get quests which require them to talk to kings and so on, but if we were kng wouldnt people need us? Quests that are specific to rank? Not just within schools and guils but within the world? I also think that your guild rank, as long as its high enough, could be recognised outwith the guild. Mabye a cape? or seal to prove your rank?

  27. I honestly can’t wait for this game to come out. Sure, I’m hyped up for Fable 3, but TES has always been my favorite series. Take your time, make it good, and don’t make the same mistakes that Lionhead made with Fable 2.

  28. Thanks. At least it wasn’t a ‘NEVER’. I only bought the Xbox 360 because of Oblivion. Like the guy above said ^ “Take your time”. 🙂

  29. Here’s a bit of gossip that might be relevant for us all. In 2006 Zenimax, who own Bethesda, trademarked the name “Skyrim”. That could well be where the next one is set?????

  30. Yeah, Skyrim is pretty much what everyone’s expecting right now. I think Hammerfell or Sumerset Isle would be interesting too though.

    And please, Bethesda, do not make an Elder Scrolls MMO. The single-player idea is what makes ES so great! I would play WoW if I wanted to meet others.

  31. I think MMO is possible, since it have a completly new design.
    Nowadays, MMOs don´t have structure to create a enviroment like TES.
    Between been in a realistic feeling of oblivion or a MMO, I prefer much been at Oblivion. But still, it would be good to have interaction with another people and not been on a individual game. Maybe we don´t have the perfect “mechanisms” to create a good MMO nowadays, but it´s a tendency.
    It is something Bethesda is capable to solve, and still it´s not essencial so satisfy us.
    Something great could be if they release more single person games, showing isolated places (like Morrowind, Daggerfell, etc.) and after exploring and presenting all the map to us, put an MMO with all locations together.

    MMOs today resume to be forever killing monsters/doing jobs to be the most powerful in the game. It is fun to have this objective in a non MMO, like Oblivion. But it sucks when talking about interacting with people on internet. MMOs aren´t capable until now to create the main idea of having fun sharing things and objectives of quests, essencial on RPGs.
    It´s more like KILL-LVLUP-KILL-LVLUP and PvP games. And it becomes repetitive.
    Can be pretty funny to strategy gamers, but surely not to RPG fans.

    I would pay for a MMOTES (but not high prices) montly, as much as I am saving my cash right now to upgrade my PC or maybe buying a PS4 to come. And I really hope to see people from Blog here in a Tamriel Online someday, when Bethesda have a solid game (even it only comes in 2020).

  32. * It is something Bethesda is capable to solve, and still it´s not essencial TO satisfy us.

    Online co-ops are fine. But how to implement something like that?
    Since you destroyed all living (and living-dead) forms in a castle or fort, but your friends don´t, because they were offline? What will prevail in the party?
    Some friends of yours closed daedra and some started searching for the heir… what will happen?
    Or they will have to share the same game all time? Only solution I can see is a constant update between machines, so as long as you play, you MUST be online. Or just if we have a offline co-op(not so fun, i think. but yet…).

  33. All im sayin is when yall do make new ES plz plz plz allow player to become Werewolf mainly, i loved eES3 but cmon graphics kinda sucked a new revamped werewolf would make me buy it…hell prolly pre-order

  34. Whew i was starting to panik wen people kepd saying ther wasnt going to be another elder scrolls an online feture wold acualy be pretty cool it cold be like just a free play thing whith no main story line but lots of co-op quests so you and your frends could just hang around or adventur into dungeons and slay vampiers and werewolvs or go to an arena to fight other players or a capture the flag thing wer youd find some randoms with teams of six two castle bases whith lots of places to hide with a large forrest between each castle with places to sute all races and classes lakes under ground passigess trapes ecs an option to become a werewolf wold be awsume too…. (^_^) BEAST RACES FTW =^_^=

  35. i have played oblivion and all it’s add ons and i love it. what i do not get is how these certyain sites say they have the new elder scrolls 5 trailer if one has not even been revealed, much less created. i would like new guilds like vamp and wolf, also it would be nice it beth could hint us if a new ES5 is coming soon or being worked on, as i am a loyal ES fan.

  36. If you guys make another TES game, make it more like morrowind and less like oblivion. All the dungeons and ruins in oblivion were exactly the same and the magic items had way to little variety. Also, having major and minor skills was better than just major.

  37. Please, I beg that you don´t make it necessary to level up everytime you go sleep.
    I had problems with evolution of my characters for those last 3 years and I always need to choose between having god mode enemies or having a character that suffers of sleeplessness.

    It can have an option to level up or not, since you fill the requirements to go next level.
    Or can be done in a diferent form, like talking to a priest or someone in a guild. Touching an sacred stone, maybe..

    And the method to evolve characters could be reviewed. It´s sadic to leave the exploration behind just to focus on leveling.

  38. Great Bethesda.
    One of the best things in Oblivion and Morrowind are mods. This is for sure and you know it.
    You did a must have game and vanila is simply gorgeous, interesting and amazing!

    And mods give an extraordinary replayable extra life to the game.
    Everyone can customize their games chosing what best fits to the vision of their own Tamriel.
    The problem is to know wich mod works ok and don´t conflict with another mods.. my sugestion is to create a good tool to modders. And a good tool to use those mods, so we don´t have to worry about having our games been crashed after 50 hours of perfect gameplay.

    It could have a mains site that officialize the mods, testing and having the aproval of Beth.
    Like an area of certified and uncertified mods, or some like that.
    It is one of the main points to create an incredible game, as other Elder Scrolls were before.

  39. Dude this was amazing to clear things up…………but if u wanted to u could maybe make elder scrolls V this year:)