Clarifying About Next Elder Scrolls game, MMO, etc.


Apparently some folks got a bit upset by reports based on Todd’s talk at QuakeCon last week. An article came out where Todd was quoted as saying we had no plans for a TES V. He did not say that. That was not a direct quote from him. That was someone’s interpretation of what he said. I know, I was there.

At his QuakeCon talk he was asked when TESV is coming out and Todd replied, “Don’t look for a new Elder Scrolls game in the near future.”  He also went on to say how much the franchise means to us and that it definitely will continue. He just wasn’t going to provide any timeframe on “when.” This should not be news to anyone that has been paying attention. Both Todd and I have said repeatedly that, of course, we’re going to do another Elder Scrolls game. The last one was enormously popular. So was the one before that. You get the idea. So do we.

Todd and Bethesda Game Studios are hard at work on their next big game, and we’re not ready to discuss it. As always, we prefer to have something amazing to show when we talk about it. We aren’t going to confirm or deny or comment on speculation, nor are we going to give hints about anything. If you know us by now, you know we don’t really do that.

In regards to the MMO comment, he was asked if there was “any chance of an Elder Scrolls MMO” and he replied — in a joking fashion — by saying “I guess there’s a chance.” To be clear, Todd and his team do not make MMOs, for any franchise, at all. We have another division, ZeniMax Online Studios, which is lead by Matt Firor, and they are working on an MMO. They have not said anything about what game they are making. When ZeniMax Online is ready to show what they are up to, we’ll let everyone know. Until then we aren’t going to provide hints or speculate on what they’re doing either.

Hope that helps clear things up.

Reader Comments

  1. damn. tes 4 was the best and is still the best game iv ever played by far but 1 game only lasts so long 🙁 i love elder scrolls and it wud be really cool if there was another 1 soon

  2. So, I’m guessing not to expect TES: V to come out in the next three or so years. I’ll jus stick to TES IV and Fallout 3 for now.

  3. The Elder Scrolls is the greatest gaming franchise in the history of gaming, and I do not believe any future franchises have any chance of topping it.

  4. Bethesda should continue the AWARD – WINNING series because it has die hard fans and has had some of the best gameplay i’ve ever seen…. after buying spending months finding all of oblivion’s darkest secrets and purchasing ever available add on on xbox 360 i went out a hunted down morrowind and destroyed that game aswell even with the graphics of the past i still loved it and oblivion was the best rpg i’ve personally ever played and my friends and i have spent several hours unlocking the secrets of the xbox game and then seeing the mods on computer furthering our adventure their so that it wouldn’t die as we anticipated the long sought after Elder Scrolls V, but we still wait , a we will wait until Bethesda gives us another award winning rpg like they have so many times. Thank you if you read this…..

    Sincerly Your everlasting fan
    Seth aka d3vils x s0n

  5. Elder Scrolls Franchise is bigger than halo even if people don’t see it , halo has had 2 games in past 3 years or so while oblivion continued its expansion into every1’s hearts and we all wait silently for the next enstallment of ES because we all love the Bethesda Team for their games and pure talent that they bring us……….Battle on fellow gamers and put your mind at ease we will have another ES!!!

  6. to be honest i feel like fallout 3 should not have been made. i loved the game but nothing could satisfy my thirst for RPGs like oblivion

  7. Having something concrete to wait for makes it all worth it. TES IV is my favorite game of all time, and I’m sure the fifth installment will take its place. …And if you guys made NPCs be-friend-able and more believable in the next game, I can safely say I would gain 40 lbs and no longer have a life.

    Keep making great games! 😀

  8. Thanks for clearing that up but can you guys make like a teaser or some type of trailer not asking for game play just something to freely speculate on like a lot of us did with Fallout

  9. Cape’s in oblivion should be a good idea with dragons and a special armour and make the npc’s walking better with 3rd person view! gl with making the elder scroll i almost can’t wait!

  10. After the gameplay video, i just can say YES!!!
    It´s marvelous!

    Beth, please.. make a easier way to customize character´s visual and (this second item could be done after release) to use the mods verifyied as stable. I will by my first 3D monitor this month. Next steps are 850W energy supplier and GDDR5 video card. All of that until 11 11 11, only to play Skyrim.
    I will buy TES V as soon as it will be avaliable on game stores.
    It would be great to expand world with mods without crashing it.
    And.. congratulations!
    Surely you are at the right way.

    Only good things to say about it. But still don´t have 3D card. lol

    Energy supplier will come soon and after… GDDR5 video card and finally SSD.
    I want to play your wonder at everything full, and i am working on it as hard as you are working in this new game.
    Every time i remember that i had to wait 1,5 year to play Oblivion at full resolution and fps, it makes me worry about buying a top tier machine to play Skyrim.
    I am playing TES: Arena right now, just to know better about Elder Scrolls universe 🙂

    Beth, please. Please, do me only one favor.
    I just have one little thing i would like to ask you. It´s something very simple, but no game that i know did it before. Please, at character creation, let us save the game.
    I know it´s ridiculous to ask it, but it makes diference. See… that are a lot of people (like me) that lose a lot of time creating character´s visuals. And, in Oblivion for example, when you are almost finished, you wrongly change one single slider of the construction set and lose all the work. Or maybe you have a problem and your computer resets… and you need to do it all again.
    It was complicated with just faces. Can you imagine in Skyrim, where we can change body appearance (well.. not sure, but there are rumours)?

    Thanks a lot!

  12. Thinking again, the mods compatibility still is far more important than saving in characters construction.
    But surely it is easier to do, isn´t?
    Talking about priority, mod´s stability is number one, i think.

    Well… of course, it´s just my opinion.
    It´s in your hands, i am just expressing my feeling, like a feedback or something like that.
    I hope for the best 😀

  13. Something bad that i read right now..
    Is it true that you removed Acrobatics and Athletics skills?
    I aways play building an Acrobat or Spellsword. Think i´ll lose the first one in Skyrim :/

    Really like to run everywhere.. as fast as possible.
    You know, TES is so imersive!
    And in real life my favorite sport is run, walk, jogging.
    One of the most enjoyable things about rising characters is to see they cross big distances much faster than anyone.

    If you can, keep those skills.
    Sure that other runners in real life will miss if you cut them.