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  1. That’s all well and good for the PC/360 but what about some definitive release dates for the DLC on the PS3 that I’m still waiting for..

  2. Sweet. I can get them now on disc, instead of through the Windows client. I simply hate GFWL being a nessecity, when there’s better thought out platforms out there… like steam.

    Awesome guys, thanks alot!

  3. Hi guys,

    wanted to ask – Is there gonna be a all DLC pack on Xlive? Y’know, I bought myself a collectors edition and now I would really like to buy DLCs, but I don’t wanna buy another copy of F3 in GOTY edition, I just want those DLCs… but in some sort of pack, just like they did with the GoW2 all fronts collection.

    I dunno if I should wait or rather buy something else and maybe in the future come back to F3 DLCs.

    Thanks in advice,

  4. More importantly what’s the deal with the PS3 DLC and GOTY Edition? There’s still been no information regarding when the DLCs will be released on the PSN and with the delay to September there is plenty of cause for concern that the GOTY Edition will not in fact include the expansions but rather redeemable codes so that they can be downloaded for free from the PSN, would you care to confirm or deny that this will be the case and that PS3 fans haven’t been short sold yet again by Bethesda and their release strategy for Fallout 3?

  5. GStaff, I noticed you neatly dodged myself regarding what forum the DLC on the GOTY will take. Will the DLC in fact be included on the disc or will PS3 fans be exected to wait for the download after buying the “all inclusive” GOTY Edition?

    Also if the PS3 version is subject is additional downloading will it be discounted vs the 360 GOTY Edition to reflect the additional inconvenience of being screwed over originally and putting up with waiting for the download before they can engage in the “total Fallout 3 experience” that quite frankly should have been available some 8 months ago when it was release on 360 and PC.

  6. At last i get to play soul shattering horror of POINT LOOKOUT as BROKEN STEEL allows me to live longer through..the horror..the horror..

  7. Yowzy! I said horror three times in my last post when i really meant to say two horrors and one terror which NEVER ENDS!!!

    Ye gads i wish there was an edit function.

  8. Hmmm, so after the delays the plan will be to release one every week starting from September. I just hope for the sake of those that are still interested in these that the releases go smoothly and without the incidents that plagued the original releases.

    I also hope that Bethesda doesn’t make a habit of this in its future releases where the PS3 has to wait a year in order to receive full parity to the 360. If there is no interest in working on a specific platform then simply don’t release on it in the first place.

  9. @martyr

    I am in love with Oblivion PS3. While I am dissapointed I will never be able to unlock the Orrery and my characters can never stop being Vampires, I am glad I get to play it at all. At least PS3 gets the DLC this time around.

  10. will the add on packs only come out on ps3 when the game of the year edition comes out? will all 5 add on packs be in the game of the year edition?