QuakeCon roundup: Brink, RAGE, Xbox LIVE titles and more

With QuakeCon 2009 in the rearview mirror, there’s plenty of coverage to catch up on. Starting with Brink, G4TV has an interview with Brink Game Director Paul Wedgwood. Watch it above.

Switching gears to RAGE, G4TV also interviewed John Carmack — who discusses id Tech 5, future projects, and of course, RAGE itself. Watch this one below.

For more RAGE/id Software news, check out the links after the break…

At our Bethesda Softworks booth, we showed off the Xbox LIVE Arcade versions of DOOM II and Quake Arena Arcade. You can read more about these titles in new previews at IGN. As more details emerge on these titles, we’ll let you know.

Moving to RAGE interviews/previews, there’s plenty to check out:

  • Shacknews interviews id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead.
  • Game TrailersG4TV and Team Xbox interview with RAGE Creative Director Tim Willits
  • At 1Up, Lead Designer Matt Hooper promises no “monster closets” in RAGE, while David Ellis previews the game.
  • Matt and Tim discuss the game’s premise in a video interview on Gamespot.

For more on RAGE, check out new previews at Giant Bomb, IGNGamespot, Team Xbox, and GameSpy.

Closing out our QuakeCon coverage, Game Trailers has a full page of videos located here — with videos featuring John Carmack, Todd Hollenshead, and even Pete Hines. Meanwhile, Big Download highlights the speeches given at QuakeCon by Todd Howard and John Carmack.

That’s all for now. Later this week I’ll share some of my photo highlights from the show.

Reader Comments

  1. So… no gameplay videos? Bummer. Everything is pretty much useless to me, but thanks for the effort. Can’t please everyone.

  2. like the Carmack interview, and really looking forward to Rage and Doom 4!

    Hope Bethesda can use id Tech 5 for Elder Scroll 5 and Fallout 4 too, it looks (much?!) better than the Gamebryo engine from what I’ve seen.

  3. @ Gur

    agreed on the ID tech 5!!!! that would be so awesome to integrate the ideas and structure of an ES game to the Tech 5 stuff.

    wow… ES V