Planet Elder Scrolls Hall of Fame


August is the new July, and for that reason, we’re looking back at Planet Elder Scrolls’ Hall of Fame mods for last month.

Morrowind Mods

Oblivion Mods

Congrats to these modders for their hard work. Keep an eye on Planet Elder Scrolls — it won’t be long until August’s Hall of Fame additions are named. 🙂

Reader Comments

  1. The Oblivion Symphonic Variations Music Suite by Tashin is stunning. Endorphine packed music for the senses which washes over the mind into the body like a spiritual massage.

    I would hire this guy on the spot to make the music of The Elder Scrolls V. Then again maybe its Jeremy Soule in disguise 😀

  2. I love the elder scrolls IV oblivion ive done evry thing on there and naw i find my self waiting for a new oblivion is there ever going to be more to this sequel ?