Weekend Update: Todd Howard interview, GamesCom coverage, and more

I hope everyone’s having a glourious weekend. Here’s some news and info I thought I’d share.

G4TV caught up with Todd Howard at QuakeCon last weekend. Above you can watch the interview, as Todd touches on the future of  The Elder Scrolls, Fallout 3 content on PS3, and Zenimax’s recent acquisition of id Software.

A couple of interesting blog posts at Destructoid. They caught up with Emil Pagliarulo (briefly) for a feature they did on “What the armor says.” Meanwhile, Ben PerLee had a chance to play WET this past week. Here’s an excerpt in which he discusses the game’s soundtrack…

“I’ll say it plainly: this soundtrack is really good, and my favorite part of my hands-on with the game. It’sfilthy hot.”

Plenty of news continues to surface for Brink. You can read previews at GamePro, ingame.de (translation courtesy of Google), and TotalPlayStation; as well as new interviews with Paul Wedgwood at Atomic Gamer and QuakeLiveTV (via YouTube).

Also out of QuakeCon, Team Xbox has a new interview for RAGE with Stephan Martiniere. Meanwhile, VG247 has an interview with Todd Hollenshead.

Finally, a new review for Mothership Zeta is up at Console Monster. Here’s a snippet…

“As always with the DLC developed for Fallout 3 by Bethesda, the depth and attention to detail is fantastic. There is a wealth of enjoyment to be had and Bethesda has truly shown the world how DLC should be designed, developed and distributed.”

That’s all for now…now get back to enjoying your weekend.

Quick Update: There’s a new preview up for WET at Games Are Evil.

Reader Comments

  1. It’s cool that you and id can share tech and ideas with each other. Just be sure not to lose what makes Bethesda unique. 🙂

  2. “truly shown the world how DLC should be designed, (and) developed”?


    “and distributed”?


    The GFWL point system is silly… I want to buy something, not buy points and then spend points, and not have to buy points in packages that don’t match the “price point” of the store items, resulting in leftover points that I know I probably won’t spend on something else.

    And I seem to recall day of release problems with most (if not) of the DLCs…

    I disliked the fact that GFWL has to hide the DLC files… sure, it’s not a lot of effort to find them so I can make sure I have a backup copy of them, but it’s still something I shouldn’t have to go through.

    In terms of distribution, I much prefer the Oblivion simple pay through an online store and download them directly.

    I voted for Point Lookout in the poll… in my opinion, it’s definitely the best DLC, I really love it. So don’t get me wrong. The DLC has mostly been a great experience. For the most part, it was designed and developed on par with Fallout 3 itself (excepting those floating trees). But I very much disagree with the distribution method used for PC in this case.

  3. “It’s cool that you and id can share tech and ideas with each other. Just be sure not to lose what makes Bethesda unique.”

    And be sure not to teach id any of your bad habits in terms of supporting their games post release…