Modding Update (Updated)


Thought I’d share some of the modding highlights I’ve seen in the last month for Fallout 3 and Oblivion.

Earlier in the year, we highlighted piratephil’s Survival Perk Pack. Recently, he let me know that his latest project, Vault Dwellers Survival Cooking Guide, is now available. As the title would indicate, the mod adds a new cooking element to the game with the following features:

  • The Cook-o-matic 3000 — a new house item which you can be purchased from the stores in Megaton and Tenpenny.
  • Two new books — The Joy of Cooking for One and How to Eat Rat.
  • Five new food items, along with the ability to create two recipes already in-game (Mississippi Quantum Pie and Mole Rat Wonder Meat).
  • Master Chef — A new quest perk which you gain once collecting all the recipes.
  • Two new loading screens.
  • Plus VDSC-Manual.pdf, game manual (see screenshots for images).

More modding news after the break…

At Planet Fallout, Blinzler continues his State of Modding series. In his latest interview, he talks with Drag0ntamer — creator of the popular mods TUPAM – The Ultimate Power Armor Mod and UWWUT – Unique Weapons With Unique Textures. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

What do you want to learn to do or do better next?

Dragontamer: Model. I can model characters and creatures, but I have no idea how to get them properly rigged and in game when I am done. I know how to rig/animate in Maya but there is no Maya Nifscript support at the moment. I also suck at modeling inorganic things like guns and armor. Learning to do that better would be awesome!

Speaking of Planet Fallout, the current most popular mod on the site is Mini Hideout – Player Home – Katanas by Rayek. The house has plenty to offer — a new Bobblehead display stand, barber, and most importantly, a jacuzzi!


Wrapping up our Fallout 3 modding coverage, if you’re in the UK, check out pages 104 & 105 of the September issue of PC Zone. They highlight several community favorites, including Fallout Script Extender, Fellout, Mart’s Mutant Mod, Alternate Start, The Global Tarvel System, GNR: More Where That Came From.

Someone say script extender? The OBSE team has put up a new update for Oblivion Script Extender…download it here.

While it doesn’t have a jacuzzi, mr._siika’s Castle Seaview has one hell of a view, an animated roasted pig in the kitchen, and yes, even a bathtub. For discussion on this beauty of a mod, visit here.


Finally, there’s new screenshots for Nehrim — a total conversion project for Oblivion that we’ve been tracking for some time. For the latest news on this ambitious project, visit here.

That’s all for now. If there’s a mod that strikes your fancy, shoot us an email.

Update: Shezrie from Oblivion Real Estate sent me news on the site’s Water Homes Challenge that I thought I’d share:

The Oblivion’s Real Estate Water Homes Challenge just finished. We ended up with twelve incredible mods. The contestants had two months to build a home on water. The winning mod as chosen by our Judges was Biotavion on Water by Oblivimonk. An incredible, imaginative mod chock full of new meshes and scripted effects. Another mod that blew us all away was Water Sphere by Lordrahl, that must be seen to be believed. A very beautiful, imaginative home from top to bottom. Also Clamshell Cottage by Korana that exudes homeliness and cosy comfort as well as having many interactive features such as fishing and cooking.

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  1. Those are awesome mods!

    Come to think of it… Cooking would have been very useful in Fallout 3. But, I guess I can wait to see it and what I am guessing will be very tasty recipes in the MMO. I cant wait!