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  1. Just picked mine up at my local BEST BUY along with the PENUMBRA COLLECTION and WOLFENSTEIN after seeing how great it was playing it on a friends computer 😀

    At last i get to enjoy the orgasmic sweat drenching horrors of POINT LOOKOUT and the legendary heroic epicness of BROKEN STEEL. Here i come giant robot! Here i come!

  2. Nice. But I think I’ll hold out for the GOTY edition thats coming out in October.

    …It IS still coming out in October, right?

  3. My writeup of my purchase of DLC Disc 2 here:

    I also did one for the DLC Disc 1.

    I would like to humbly request a single disc release for Mothership Zeta. I know the GOTY edition will have it; but since you guys sold cards in cases for Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta for 9.99 at places like Gamestop, is there a possibly of selling Mothership Zeta with say G.E.C.K. on a DVD for $10? That would rock.

    Regardless, this is one of the best games in recent memory, and the DLC adds to that greatness. I have just started playing it again, and I have to be careful or else I will lose myself in it just like I did with Oblivion.

    Thank you for making such a great game.

    GFWL – I will make you a deal, if you give us a Mothership Zeta/G.E.C.K. DVD, I will also unbox it on the GFWL forums as well!

  4. When it coming out in Australia at eb games?

    Please tell i need to know if its coming and when i can get it because i fin the other pack so now bring the new pack out

  5. Yes from what i hear it still is which drawing near like a lightning bolt to a lone swamp tree in an open marsh field.

  6. I know you get asked this all the time but can you please let me know when are you releasing all of these DLCs on the PSN to play on the PS3?