WET demo available this week on PSN/Xbox LIVE

A demo of the game is available now on Xbox LIVE and on the PlayStation Store in Europe, and will be available on the PlayStation Store in North America tomorrow. The demo will take you through part of the first level, plus you’ll be able check out Rage Mode and a car-hopping sequence (as seen in screenshots for the game, below)

In other news, check out the next WET video — Sound of Cold Steel — to find out what went into creating the soundtrack for the game. For more videos, head to the official site at wetthegame.com.


Rage Mode


Car Hopping

Reader Comments

  1. The car hopping sold it for me. Looks like this will be one of those under-appreciated games this year, like Mirror’s Edge last year. Eliza Dushku and bullet time combat? I’m there, dude.