New Game Guide tackles Broken Steel and Point Lookout


With another Fallout 3 Game Add-On Pack on store shelves this week, David Hodgson, author of the Fallout 3 Game Guide, is at it again with a new guide covering Broken Steel and Point Lookout. To coincide with the new guide, he’s got a new blog post up at the Prima Games Author Blog (head there for a sample of pages from the guide).

Take it away, David…

My Wasteland wandering took a turn for the swampy over the past couple of months when I attempted a meander through the wilds of Point Lookout, and furthered my cunning adventures across the Capital Wasteland in Broken Steel. The information I accrued, including some delicious Easter Eggs never seen outside of the Bethesda compound, are all bundled up nicely in the third (or fourth) official strategy guide, on sale now (August 25th). Naturally I was more than eager to explore every nook, cranny, and deranged Russian bear nest around, and thankfully the good folks at Bethesda were there for the highs (setting fire to an occult tome of fearsome power) and the lows (weeping at the headless torso of a favorite robot), as well as the stuff only the truly deranged would ever find (like that sunken ocean treasure with no buoy marker).

Those with previous Fallout guide experience will be familiar with the format. To start with, there’s an entertaining Foreward written by a Bethesda staffer, then a chapter all about the new entities, Perks, and other matters that affect your character’s ongoing well-being. Tips on all the new Perks you receive throughout your increased level cap are of particular interest, but there’s also complete statistical evidence for every new item, weapon, and inventory piece that sometimes borders on the insanely-meticulous. Did you know, for example, that the Police Hat is the only headgear you can wear with “that scar” on your head? If you did, you’ve probably been playing this game too much, but even so, you’ll still need to add this tome to your collection.

Due to the fact that Point Lookout receives a thorough inspection and trek, the Enhanced chapters are only for the additional items you receive during the two new content releases, which is what this guide is mainly all about; Broken Steel and Point Lookout. When you’re ready to embark on an Enclave-culling campaign, you’d expect there to be copious and detailed notes on every move you can make throughout Broken Steel… and you’d be right. But you’ll also be happy to find newly-updated maps showing exactly how the Capital Wasteland has changed since the invention and distribution of Aqua Pura. Every single new occurrence is logged, as well as all the Miscellaneous and Freeform Quests so you don’t miss a trick. Whether it’s befriending Bandits or shaking down a Ghoul with a bad wig, there’s a wealth of information to share here. So we did.

The gloomy and violent Point Lookout has an atmosphere so thick you could cut with a spoon. So we chartered a Ferryboat and turned over every rock and dived into the ocean depths to locate every single item in this brand-new region. Aside from taking you through the Main, Miscellaneous and Freeform Quests in these parts, there’s an extra-massive Tour chapter with dozens of secondary locations. Need to know the precise location of the downed Jet pilot, and know what was on his Blackbox voice recorder? Maybe you don’t, but we’re telling you anyway. Heck, there’s even a trip back to the Dunwich Building for a certain, supernatural Quest.

We sincerely hope you enjoy perusing through this guide as much as I did blasting Ghouls and Ghoul hunters in Plik’s private safari. After a quick trip around low-earth orbit for an extra-special final guide later this year that could cause a hernia if you lift it, my year-and-a-half rampage through the Capital Wasteland may soon be at an end….

Purchase the original guide HERE or the Limited Edition Collector’s Edition HERE.

Purchase the Game Add-On Guide for Operation Anchorage and The Pitt HERE.

Purchase the Game Add-On Guide for Broken Steel and Point Lookout HERE.

Reader Comments

  1. Game addons so big they needed strategy guides! Only Bethesda makes em that rich in content 😀

    mALX yes one was made for MORROWIND. Am staring at my copy in the corner of my room with a huge skull sitting upon it alongside the FALLOUT 3 guide 😀

    It was written by Peter Olafson of AMIGAWORLD and COMPUTER GAMING WORLD reviewer fame. I dont see Prima’s name on it. I only see listed as publisher Bethesda Softworks Inc. Its 370 pages of gaming info goodness.

    Oh and its also called THE MORROWIND PROPHECIES.

  2. I noticed something with Fallout today. After the new 360 LIVE update, the game seems to have frame rate issues. I also have problems with it freezing, it seems to this mainly while in party or private chats. It’s noticeable when I got into my Pip boy and when I go into VATS. I cleared my HD cache, it seemed to have helped but now the problems starting to come back.

  3. Why is it that the unarmored freaks and natives in Point Look-Out can kill my 30th level character wearing Power Armor and massive energy weapons can with like 2 or 3 swipes with a hatchet? This add on is frustrating and poorly thought out.

  4. What we want is a patch to change the dialogues into spanish. All the latin-american gamers going to hate to Bethesda: the game in méxico worth 70 dlls and besides that, the texts and dialogues are in english.

  5. [Why is it that the unarmored freaks and natives in Point Look-Out can kill my 30th level character wearing Power Armor and massive energy weapons can with like 2 or 3 swipes with a hatchet? This add on is frustrating and poorly thought out.

    Left by Zack on September 1st, 2009 ]

    Maybe its a hatchet made of petrified wood with the strength of psychotic radioactive inbreeding madness behind its crushing driving force?

    Oh and lets not forget like you said they’re..FREAKS.

  6. will the add on packs only come out on ps3 when the game of the year edition comes out? will all 5 add on packs be in the game of the year edition?