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Having spent most of last week on the road, I wasn’t able to spend much time on my laptop — so now I’ve got a bunch news to share.

WET, is just a week away from release, and there’s oodles of coverage to read up on. We’ll begin at Major Nelson’s blog, where the game’s demo had a strong debut on Xbox LIVE — coming in as the #8 most-played game.

At Talking About Games, there’s an interview with WET’s Creative Director, Patrick Fortier. Here’s a quick look:

What sort of research was done to prepare the team to make this game? Was that you guys we saw wall-running between semis on the Los Angeles freeway?

Patrick: There was a long pre-production period to this project.  Every element of the game first came to life through concept-art and appropriate research.  Obviously old 70’s movies really inspired the graphical look of the game, but we also looked at more old school action games in terms of capturing the spirit of gameplay we were looking for.

Mr. Fortier also appeared on last week’s GameHounds Podcast and in an interview at Xbox 360 Asylum.

For more on WET, check out previews at the following sites.

Brink and Fallout 3 news after the break…

Prior to PAX, UPDB put up an in-depth interview with Senior Game Designer Ed Stern. Meanwhile, Screw Attack caught up with Paul Wedgwood (and some other folks) at QuakeCon. Be sure to check it out, and be on the lookout for more Brink coverage in an upcoming roundup.

Moving to Fallout 3, Emil Pagliarulo recently did an interview with The Next Level. Here’s an excerpt:

TNL: Conversely, I’m curious as to what you think Oblivion did better then Fallout 3? Was there anything you missed about Elder Scrolls IV?

Emil: Interestingly, what the game did better and what I miss aren’t necessarily the same thing. As much as I love the Fallout world, I love fantasy just as much, if not more, so part of me really missed that. I love the whole thief/assassin vibe, and delving into ancient dungeons. The 12-year-old dungeon master in me just craves that stuff like candy. As for what the game did better. Hmmm… You know, one thing Oblivion really did well was provide the player an opportunity to join all these different factions. You could become a member of the Mages Guild, or Dark Brotherhood, or what have you. And each had its own story, its own set of quests. In Fallout 3, because we spent our resources differently, we really weren’t able to do that. And it sometimes feels like a missed opportunity.

While it’s been nearly a year since Fallout 3 was released, I thought I’d share a new review at mtbs3d, as it’s a review of the game being played in stereoscopic 3D. If this is of interest to you, you can also read their Oblivion review here.

In other Fallout 3 news, Computer Times reviewed all of Fallout 3’s DLC, while Game Industry News have posted their review of Mothership Zeta. Read an excerpt below:

“Mothership Zeta takes Fallout 3 in a totally different direction and is more than worth the price of admission. I don’t know what Bethesda plans to do next, but they are going to have a hard time surprising me yet again. Then again, given the quality DLCs we have seen so far for Fallout 3, I wouldn’t put it past them.”

In catching up with my Google Alerts, I noticed a bunch of sites pointing to a web version of Reign of Grelok — text-based adventure you can find within Fallout 3. Play it here. 🙂

Finally, our very own Emily Sears let me know about this tweet from Duncan Jones– cool to know the son of David Bowie is playing Fallout 3. 🙂

That’s all for tonight.

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