Fallout 3 Theme for Xbox LIVE


A premium theme for Fallout 3 will be released on Xbox LIVE on Oct. 1 free of charge for all players who have purchased all five Fallout 3 Game Add-ons by September 22. Gamers who have purchased all five Game Add-ons (via DLC, English only), including “Operation: Anchorage,” “The Pitt,” “Broken Steel,” “Point Lookout” and “Mothership Zeta”, will receive a token from Microsoft to download the theme for free starting Oct. 1.

This is something we’ve been asked about a lot and we’re happy to finally be able to bring it to fans as a small token of our appreciation. If you haven’t purchased all five DLCs, you can still buy the theme for 240 Microsoft Points when it comes out on Oct. 1.

The premium theme was put together by two of our artists — Istvan Pely and Clara Struthers. Also, special thanks to the crew at Microsoft who went through a fair amount of trouble to go through and figure out everyone that had purchased all five DLCs (or will by Sept. 22). We hope you enjoy it.

Reader Comments

  1. Nice way to say thanks for having all 5 DLC’s. Just finished Mothership Zeta, loved the alien weapons. But my favourite is still Point Lookout and Broken Steel.

  2. Thank you Bethesda. Fallout 3 was my 1st X360 game, and I’ve been hooked on it ever since. I bought every DLC the first day they came out, and I’ve spent over 200 hours playing on my main profile!

    Oh, and I’m not very familiar with these “tokens.” will it be sent to me in a message? Email? Please respond.

  3. I’m wondering that as well. How do we get the token? Knowing MS we won’t get our token for a few weeks. It said “starting Oct. 1st.”

  4. I’m considering purchasing Mothership Zeta if I would get this free theme as well. MZ is the only DLC I don’t have, but I receive 2 of the others via a giveaway code. So I really hope you could tell me by tomorrow if I qualify for the the free theme if I buy MZ.

  5. @gstaff Yeah, I understand that but that’s the wrinkle. I didn’t purchase 2 of them. They were giveaway codes. If this promotion is anything like the Summer of Arcade promo for 800 free points that MS ran then you have to actually buy the stuff to qualify. Someone needs to ask MS on this since it sounds like they will be sending the codes for the theme out. So would you mind asking the “crew at Microsoft” that you mentioned in your post about this?

  6. I’m not 100% sure, but I think you’ll qualify. If not, I suppose having gotten two DLCs free…that’s not so bad.

    If I hear anything, I’ll let you know.

  7. Ugh this bites, I had to wait until my paycheck before I could purchase these and then after I buy them all I find out that it’s by the 22nd in the middle of the week. So freaking lame… Enjoy my money Bethesda cause I’ll be missing out on the theme…

  8. So lame, I just bought all the DLCs and was coming here to check when the theme would be sent out to find that it’s only to the 21st… ugh why couldn’t it be extended to Friday (aka Payday)? Oh well enjoy my money, I’m going to go MiniNuke myself now.

  9. Just downloaded the theme. I appreciate it much I’m a little unimpressed but thanks none the less as I reapply my Overlord II theme.

  10. Dear gstaff,
    I’d like to know if this initiative is available only to Xbox Live gold members or not. I’m Italian but I have bought all five DLC on the release day with a UK account (via the console, not card), because Bethesda had not released the DLCs in English even for regions that have a localized version (unlike some other games).

    I ask this, not to make a pointless rant, but because if Silver member are non eligible, an answer will stop me to check Hotmail (the one linked with the UK account, I know) every 5 minutes 🙂


  11. I’m… shocked. I’m French, I’ve bought all the DLCs and this is only reserved to English Customers?!! None of the French videogame websites I’ve read told us it was only for English versions of the DLCs! And anyway, I don’t understand why only English people “deserve” that theme. I’m not glad at all…

  12. Well, got the code but it when I entered it online it said the code had already been used!! WTF!? I want my theme please!

  13. I never got my code, which is disappointing. I thought the theme was going to be up but it hasn’t even come up on the marketplace either.

  14. 5th October and still not received any email (even though my cousin has).

    Do you have any ETA on when all emails will be processed and sent out?

  15. I only setup a hotmail account so I could get live and never bothered to activate it for emails as I really did not need it.

    But finding out about this free theme and then finding out you need to be emailed a code I was a bit gutted.

    I’ve activated my email now (5th oct) to receive emails, so have I missed out or will I still get a code as I do have all the DLC’s?

  16. I’ve got buddies on an Xbox message board that I use that have recieved their codes twice and I’m yet to recieve it the one time, you guys need to get onto Microsoft about this, I’ve been trying to keep up and explain to the guys who are raging at Beth that it is M$s job to send out the codes.

    Yours patiently,