Fallout 3 Theme for Xbox LIVE


A premium theme for Fallout 3 will be released on Xbox LIVE on Oct. 1 free of charge for all players who have purchased all five Fallout 3 Game Add-ons by September 22. Gamers who have purchased all five Game Add-ons (via DLC, English only), including “Operation: Anchorage,” “The Pitt,” “Broken Steel,” “Point Lookout” and “Mothership Zeta”, will receive a token from Microsoft to download the theme for free starting Oct. 1.

This is something we’ve been asked about a lot and we’re happy to finally be able to bring it to fans as a small token of our appreciation. If you haven’t purchased all five DLCs, you can still buy the theme for 240 Microsoft Points when it comes out on Oct. 1.

The premium theme was put together by two of our artists — Istvan Pely and Clara Struthers. Also, special thanks to the crew at Microsoft who went through a fair amount of trouble to go through and figure out everyone that had purchased all five DLCs (or will by Sept. 22). We hope you enjoy it.

Reader Comments

  1. Ha! I’ve been idly hoping for a premium theme for Fallout for quite some time. Offering it free for DLC users is a very kind gesture, and I for one appreciate it!

  2. Theme looks amazing, and so cool that it’s free to loyal fans! Now the only question is – when are the Fallout avatar clothes coming? How awesome would it look to have a Vault 101-suited avatar in front of this theme?

    So awesome, right?

  3. Hopefully something similar will come up for PSN Home for those of us that get all of the DLCs for the PS3 version, when they finally get released that is… =p

  4. MAN. The only better news i can see here is the addition of a 6th 7th and 8th add on.

    THANKS GUYS. You are among my favorite game developers, and I hope to see some Fallout stuff for my avatar. I honestly think thats the only game I would buy stuff from too. I WANT MY OWN DOGMEAT and VARIOUS CLOTHING OPTIONS!!!!

  5. It’s very cool that you’re doing this for Xbox LIVE users, but will you have any goodies for those of us who also faithfully purchased all 5 DLC through GFWL?

    By the way, your blog is getting a lot of 500 – Internal Server Errors. With Internet Explorer I can’t post a comment, with Google Chrome the sides load but the content area doesn’t, with Firefox it won’t load at all, and I’m crossing my fingers that this will post through Safari.

  6. Well I sure do hope I get the theme. I mean, I have downloaded all the add-ons but usually something goes wrong and I never usually get stuff like that!

  7. buying themes on live is something i dont do, i dont even pay for gold (never needed it) but this theme is something i would pay but im glad i dont since i already bought all dlc (and plan on buying goty edition as well). thanks bethesda! I love you!
    p.s. how about some dogmeat armor as an april fools joke next year

  8. I won a code to download operation anchorage from a podcast, I then purchased the other four dlc add on packs.

    Will I still get the theme for free?

  9. So when are they coming out for PS3? (not the theme, but the add ons)
    I’d hope you guys would be decent enough to also put a theme in for PS3.

  10. Hey, thanks Bethesda, already have them all, so im set. This reminds me a little of Fighters Stronghold.
    You guys are great, proves you not only care about your fans, but also make good stuff. (That premium theme actually looks good,for once)

  11. I think it’s dumb if the people who purchased the game add-ons on PC and obviously have a 360 don’t get the theme.

    We paid good money too, why shouldn’t we deserve the theme?

    Besides, no offense to Bethesda, but the PC version is still very broken, I think PC gamers deserve some sort of compensation for the fact that the game is still flawed.

  12. Thanks a lot Bethesda! I’m glad to be getting it for free, too. You guys always have your fans in mind, thanks for being so cool.

  13. My boyfriend and I have 2 profiles on one 360, I have purchased 3 DLC’s on my profile and he purchased 2 DLC’s on his profile. Obviously we are both able to access all of them…however, will this count? Are they looking by profile, or by what’s present per HDD? I’m sure this will happen to other people who share consoles as well, so thanks in advance for getting back to me ๐Ÿ™‚ Really looking forward to the theme…I’m a ridiculously huge fan.

  14. Well…I guess the “will the Europeans get this aswell” question to be avoided…
    Am i the only one that feels a bit bad that Europeans to get excluded from EVERYTHING!! We buy more then North America or Asia and we still get excluded…
    In other words:
    “Will the Europeans get this? All the countries? I bought everything and i loved it all and i still think im going to be outcasted…”

  15. So basically if we got the addon pack we can’t get the theme? That really sucks if we can’t. Sure we got a poster and everything but that doesnt justify the fact that we can’t get a theme. We’re still loyal followers who have purchased all the dlc.

  16. Thanks for the perk for those that buy DLC off of XBL. That’s a nice gesture for folks who’ve supported the cause. I’m sure it takes a lot of effort to sort through and find who has all of the DLC in their purchase history. For those whining that they deserve it too, enough already. It isn’t enough that you got to play some fun add-ons? It’s a special bonus that they’re spending resources on handing out to those that they can efficiently verify. They don’t have to do this, and they’re using very clear criteria. No one deserves anything except the artists and staff that are giving away some freebies to a core group. Me, I’m short on the XBL purchase, so I’ll shell out the extra $3 for this extra content. Sorry, I dislike when someone does something nice, and a bunch of folks still feel the need to complain that it’s not enough.

  17. I ended up getting a Point Lookout card at Gamestop. Does that disqualify me from getting the theme? My guess would be “yes”, but I figure it is worth asking.