Congrats Armadillo Aerospace!


id Software’s Co-Founder and Technical Director, John Carmack, along with his team at Armadillo Aerospace , succeeded in a mock Lunar Landing last weekend — putting them in a position to possibly win NASA’s Northrup Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge.

Here’s a snippet from an article at

“The flight represents an achievement not just for Armadillo, but for the whole commercial spaceflight field. With NASA’s space shuttle fleet soon to retire, and the agency’s goal of returning humans to the moon uncertain in the face of political and budget constraints, private companies could play an increasingly important role in space exploration.”

You can hear more from John on the achievement in a web update on Armadillo Aerospace’s official site. Very cool!

Reader Comments

  1. Wow fantastic. Last time i read about Armadillo was in the 1990s. Pretty amazing to see John Carmack relaxing in ways others would consider work.

    Congratulations Mr.Carmack and Team Armadillo for showing what a full productive life is all about. Cheers! 😀