Broken Steel now available on PlayStation 3


The day is here. Broken Steel is now available for download on the US PlayStation Store for $9.99.

For those that need a recap, here’s the skinny on Broken Steel:

“Continue your existing Fallout 3 game and finish the fight against the Enclave remnants alongside Liberty Prime. Broken Steel moves the level cap for your character from 20 to 30, allowing you to experience even more of the game, including new perks and achievements.”

Fallout 3 DLC will continue next week (October 1st), with the release of Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt. The week after (October 8th), Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta will be available.

Reader Comments

  1. It just went up on the US PlayStation store in the last half hour. Try “Search By All Titles,” search under F, then Fallout 3.

    I guess you could say it’s BS, as in Broken Steel 🙂

    @Aaron — they’ll be available on the same day, but they’re separate downloads.

  2. Oh well, nevermind… I’ll still be buying them all anyway! Broken Steel is amazing! I’m not sure which of the first two I’ll get if not both… I deffo want Lookout though!

  3. just want to say thank you for finally getting this out to us ps3ers. fallout 3 is really a great game and i had been waiting (im)patiently for too long.

  4. Yea, been playing Broken Steel and there be a few issues.

    1) I reloaded a save file after I targeted the crawler to watch it get destroyed again, the Lion Pride never came to pick me up.

    2) Random freezes in VATS again.

    3) Soemtimes the loading screen will turn black and never load the world.

    4) Alot of lighting and sound artifacts that are shown or played when they are not supposed to be done. Like, The radiation sound constantly when finishing the Air Force base. My Pip-Boy screen screen was white and unreadable. My character has a constant lighting glow as if I was on fire without the flames.

    5) I was able to use the subway train to Andrew’s Air Force Base without fixing the main fuze.

    6) I returned to Andrew’s Air Force Base and it was populated with hostile Brotherhood of Steel members. (I used the missile platform to destroy the crawlers.) But I found a spot on the map I could wait for 72 hours and these hostile Brotherhood became Enclave.

    7) Aqua Cura quest, inside the Museum Authority, the map maker leads to a pile of rubble on the floor and nothing is there.

    8)Random looted items from safes like guns never appear in the inventory. This can be reproduced at the Republic of Dave with his safe.

    THere are a few more, but those were the main ones I ran across so far.

  5. Broken Steel is cool, but the game suffers from so many framerate issues that it ruins the DLC and the game, seriousl Bethesda dont you test your games? Doesnt seem like you did this time, any word on a patch to fix the stuttering/framerate on PS3?

    I can live with all other bugs and glitches, but please fix the most prominent and annoying one, the framerate!!!

  6. It’s about time. When my XBox died and I got a PS3 I was appalled by the lack of DLC for Fallout! You don’t realize how bad the PS3 has it until you have one yourself. It’s a damn shame too, because the PS3 is a great console that deserves more than a lot of developers give.

    And on that note, better late than never. Thanks Bethesda.

  7. after the dlc broken steel was download, i found that a few places i walk into just freez the game. like after reaching the holylight monetary, heading just north, not even a few feet from the location it stops my game and i have to resart my ps3. dont know if this will get to anyone important, but it happens at the archives too. thats it so far.

  8. en honor a los foreros de meristation de fallout…decimos todos juntos…existe europa???cuando saldrá,cuando?cuando?digan una fecha para aunque sea no sigamos con la incertidumbre.porfavor.when?when be available in spain or EUROPE,when?please.

  9. Where has Paladin Bael gone?! He just randomly disappeared after Broken Steel! There goes my favourite NPC… after dad, of course 🙁

  10. I have the same question as many others: When will the BS be released for non-English European languages? (I’m particulary interested in Spanish, but all European countries deserve the same treatment, i think)

    The translation is already done for the xbox version, so show us some love (or, at least, show us that you do care about customers in all the world).

  11. £8 is a bit steep for DLC on the PS3. the XBox got it for under that, and the exchange rate means we’re getting less value for money than the Americans.

  12. As the question was dodged in the GOTY announcement post I invite the opportunity for Bethesda not to completely ignore this issue. Why do PS3 users, who have already been shafted on this content get the short end of the stick again in the form of 20% premium for content that is 6-9 months old already?

    PS3 price £8, 360 price 800 mickey-mouse dollars which equates to about £6.70. Not an insignificant difference when you multiply by 5, £40 quid for the full set for us, £33.50 for 360 users, that’s enough to get another expansion pack for another game or even a full title from the XBLA.

    If this is going to be the standard from Bethesda from now on you’re going to find it difficult to maintain support from the PS3 side of the console fence. Please bear this in mind and answer for your actions/decisions, it worked for Rockstar with their GTA4 DLC, it can work for you and your products too.

  13. It’s weird: I’m living in Europe. I know it’s not available in Europe yet, but my PS3 keeps on suggesting Broken Steel to me, with image and all. When I click the Broken Steel suggestion, it connects to the Playstation Store, but then I get some weird Error and the Store shuts down. Is this Sonys error?

  14. Bethesda, what are you doing!? Why I can’t play Broken Steel? Oh, yes! I live in SPAIN! Yes, this unknowed country like France, Germany, Portugal or Italy! You give us the heaven with Fallout 3, but now…

    Ojalá nos lleguen los DLC a la Store española…

  15. When can we expect a patch to fix the framerate issues for Broken Steel? I am sick of having to wait three or four second to switch between screens on my pipboy! Shame on you Bethesda. You make us wait a very long time for the PS3 DLCs and then deliver a terrible product. I honestly want my money back. 🙁

  16. fallout 3 the best game ever .
    but wy not de dlc broken steel in europe
    only us and uk .thanks bethesda
    you don’t see a marked in europe.
    trust me it will sell.
    please release them all in europe.

    leon the nederlands(holland)

  17. This update was fun except for the fact that the game now freezes up and I have to restart my PS3 at least once or twice every time I play. Never happened before I downloaded this. It also stutters alot more than it used to, and will just randomly freeze and unfreeze. I think bethesdas programmers need to get in touch with the boys at naughty dog or insomniac because they clearly have not been able to figure out how to program for the PS3.