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In this “Around the web,” we look at some the latest reviews for WET, plus coverage for Brink, id Software, and even a look back at Daggerfall.

With WET reviews, we begin at Planet Xbox 360, where Tony DaSilva reviewed the game. Here’s a snippet of his review, where he scored the game an 8.5/10:

“With 12 chapters in its campaign, WET offers up a solid play through with consistent action. As for the story, it’s outlandish, but purposely so. Like I said, we’re in a B movie here, and we all know how ridiculous B movies are.”

Elsewhere, Canada’s own GameFocus awarded WET their Editor’s Choice award saying, “Rubi and WET totally rock.”

More WET reviews and more after the break.

Additonal reviews for WET can be found at:

For more on WET, be sure to check out a new editorial discussing Rubi Malone at PopMatters.

Moving to id Software news, there’s a few recent previews to check out for RAGE. Xbox 360 Achievements considered it their Game of Show at GamesCom 2009. Here’s a snippet of their impressions…

“id is looking to add plenty of variety into the proceedings with Rage and you’ll not only have chance to take part in races across the wastelands in your spare time, but you can also get involved in an battle arena called BashTV with the tagline, “mutant bash.” It’s exactly how it sounds… you step into some putrid warehouse full of mutants and you’ll have to demolish them with whatever weapons you have at your disposal in order to win some cash.”

To read more on RAGE, be sure to check out the latest at AtomicGamer and GamesRadar.

At our PAX 09 booth, we showed both Doom 2 and Quake Arena Arcade. Both are coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade this holiday season. Read hands-on previews for both (Doom 2, Quake Arena Arcade) at IGN.

Switching gears, Eurogamer recently made their way to Splash Damage HQ to check out Brink. Here’s a preview of Will Porter’s preview

“It really is a beautiful system to watch in action. With Smart you’ll be able to press the magic button and slide beneath an obstacle if you’re looking downwards, or leap above if you’re looking up, but you’ll also be able to do snazzier things – rather than slide beneath a laser, or jump over a metal detector in a dilapidated airport, for example, you could slide silkily through the narrow-bag X-ray machine. And while your own acrobatics in Brink are great to behold anyway, when you’ve got 16 players leaping, sliding and vaulting around a map it’s going to look even more impressive.”

Wrapping up this roundup, my Google Alerts pointed me While I can’t understand much of what’s going on, they have a four-part video series covering Daggerfall. Begin here to watch a video covering character creation.

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