Todd’s favorite games


Over at Industry Gamers, Todd Howard shared a list of his 10 favorite games of all-time. This isn’t the first time Todd’s claimed Ultima VII as his favorite game — among other places, he noted it in a feature on D&D for 1Up

Looking through his list, there’s definitely some games in there I’d consider for my top 10. I’ll post my At-The-Moment Top 10 in the comments section, and encourage you to do the same.

Reader Comments

  1. These are the 10 games I’d take to a desert island (assuming, in some cases, I could play against other people on the island).

    9)Sim City
    7)Madden/NCAA Football
    6)Super Mario World
    4)Halo \2
    3)Street Fighter 2
    3)Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!
    2)Contra III: The Alien Wars
    1) Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved

  2. Not usually a commenter, but this is too irresistible:

    10. Nightwarriors (/Vampire Hunter)
    9. Metal Slug
    8. Goldeneye
    7. Realms of Arkania II: Star Trail
    6. Super Mario World
    5. Castlevania X
    4. Zelda series (All of them? Pretty please?)
    3. TES: Oblivion
    2. Final Fantasy Tactics
    1: Final Fantasy VI

  3. 1) Burnout 3: Takedown
    2) Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
    3) Crash Team Racing
    4) The Elder Scrolls IV: OBLIVION
    5) Fallout 3
    6) Guitar Hero 3: LOR
    7) Street Fighter
    8) Tekken
    9) Guitar Hero: Metallica
    10) LittleBigPlanet

    Bearing in mind I’m 15 so most are quite recent but these are 10 games I could NEVER get bored playing.

  4. Quoting Todd – ‘I get lost in the world of an Ultima; it’s a real place to me. The people were real, their problems real, and travelling a new world, ripe with its own history, all real to me. If gaming is the ultimate escape, then Ultima is its best game.’

    QFT. Ultima VII is the best game ever created. Along with Ultima Underworld.

    My 10 favorites…

    Ultima VII
    Ultima Underworld
    Thief 2
    Thief Deadly Shadows
    The Sims
    Sims 2

  5. @Shezrie The Thief series is awesome 😛

    10. Need for Speed High Stakes
    9. Thief: The Dark Project
    8. Carnivores
    7. Total Annihilation (Old but Fun)
    6. Age of Empires II: Age of Kings
    5. Fallout 3
    4. SWAT 4 (Addicted since it came out)
    3. TES 4: Oblivion
    2. Age of Empires(Original) + AoE: Rise of Rome Exp
    1. TES 3: Morrowind (Can’t get enough :))

  6. Alpha Centauri
    Civilization 4
    Super Mario World
    Super Mario 64
    Mega Man 6
    Mechwarrior 2
    Final Fantasy VI
    Kirby Superstar

    I haven’t gotten to play Fallout 3 yet, due to my computer being below-specs…

  7. Hmm.
    1: Scribblenauts
    2: Command and Conquer: Tiberuim Wars/Generals Zero Hour
    3: Megaman 8
    4: Megaman Battle Network 3
    5: Batman: Arkham Asylum.
    6: Starcraft 2 (Assuming it’s out by then) If not the the original.
    7: Custom Robo on the Gamecube.
    8: Sonic Adventure Two Battle.
    9: Fallout 2/Tactics
    10: Fallout 3/New Vegas, depending on when I get on said island.
    Worth noting is that Batman is a word but Megaman isn’t, according to Google Chrome.

  8. In no particular order…

    1. Fable 2
    2. The Beatles: Rockband (The ultimate Rockband experience, so long as you dig The Beatles. Which I most certainly do)
    3. Mega Man 2
    4. The Elder Scrolls IV: OBLIVION (please Bethesda, TES5, for the love of God, please)
    5. Halo 3: ODST (by far the best Halo offering yet)
    6. Fallout 3
    7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    8. Super Mario 64 (platforming at its best)
    9. Pokemon Red/Blue (Ah, nostalgia)
    10. Too many more to choose from, and I need to get back to studying, so uh, bleh. No #10, can’t decide.

  9. 1. Thief Gold
    2. Thief the Metal Age
    3. Deus Ex
    4. Fallout3
    5. Morrowind
    6. Oblivion
    7. Quake Wars Enemy Territory
    8. Vampire Masquerade Redemption
    9. Dungeon Keeper
    10. Mafia

    Love these games!

  10. 1) Fallout 3
    2) Fallout 2
    3) Left 4 Dead
    4) CoD 4 – Modern Warfare
    5) Crysis
    6) Team Fortress 2
    7) Resident Evil 1
    8) Dead Space
    9) HAWX
    10) Spyro the Dragon 1

    😀 yay.

  11. Without thinking too hard, here’s what I can get from the top of my head, in no particular order:

    Sim City (original, 2k, 3k & 4)
    GTA 3 (+vice city & san andreas)
    Star Wars Knights of the old Republic
    Dune 2
    Warcraft 2 & 3
    Diablo 1 & 2
    Chrono Trigger
    Banjo Kazooie & Banjo Tooie
    Ultima Underworld

  12. 1)Hitman: Blood Money / Tenchu: Fatal Shadows
    2)Half-Life 2 / Counter-Strike
    3)Final Fantasy X / Xenosaga III
    4)Doom / Quake
    5)Fallout 3 / Oblivion
    6)WWF No Mercy / Soul Caliber 2
    7)Skies of Arcadia / Earthbound
    8)World of Warcraft / Final Fantasy XI
    9)Deus Ex / Thief
    10)Ninja Gaiden / Megaman 3

    Completely cheating, and loving every second of it

    Is it too late to add Sam & Max / Day of the Tentacle / Full Throttle / X-Wing / TIE Fighter and all other old-school Lucasarts games?

  13. 1-Fallout 3
    4-Metal Gear Solid 4
    5-Fable 1
    6-Deus Ex 2: Invisible War
    7-Metroid Prime
    8-Super Metroid
    9-Gargoyle’s Quest
    10-Blaster Master

  14. Ultima VII is quite possibly my favorite game as well, if you take into account the year it was made. It was a truly groundbreaking game that still stands the test of time.

  15. 1. Day of the Tentacle
    2. Syberia
    3. Broken Sword
    4. Morrowind
    5. The Longest Journey
    6. 7th Guest
    7. Still Life
    8. Dreamfall
    9. Oblivion
    10. Mario64

    …Am I the only adventure-game fan here?.. 🙁

  16. The only ones I can come up with off the top of my head are Doom, Morrowind, The Sims (anyone of them) and MGS 3 . I don’t even know what my top ten would be, but those four could keep me busy for the longest time.

  17. Ultima7 is my favorite game of all time too. Just wondering, does Todd count Serpent Isle as part of Ultima7, or is he just refering to vanilla Ultima7?

    Also, here’s an idea Bethesda. Aquire the Ultima IP, throw out Ultima 8&9, and refresh the series from where 7 left off.
    You guys are the only ones who could do the series justice.

  18. I can’t do a full top 10 because there’s the top 5 and then there’s everything else and none of the “everything else” even comes close to the top 5.

    Honorable mentions go to Max Payne 2, Bejewelled, Peggle, Puzzle Quest, Monkey Island, Klax, Sim City, and all the Guild Wars games. I have a fairly ridiculous pile of unfinished games and any of those might be in the top 10 (Daggerfall? Thief 3? Vampire TMB? Half-Life 2?) so I really need to get on with playing those. I’m getting Batman for my birthday.

    My top 5 are represented graphically

  19. 1. Halo: CE (a.k.a Halo 1)
    2. Final Fantasy 7
    3. Fallout 3
    4. Oblivion
    5. Super Mario 64
    6. Mercenaries
    7. Mass Effect
    8. Gears of War 2
    9. Crackdown (Bet ya never saw that one coming!!!)
    10. Pilot Wings 64

    These are in no real particular order. Just named my 10 fav games off the top of my head.

  20. In no order… considering i could play live/psn

    1.) BORDERLANDS!!(that one is #1 actually lol)
    2.) Metal Gear Solid 4!
    3.) Halo 3 odst+halo 3 mythic disc
    4.) GTA 4 (with all dlc)
    5.) Brutal Legend
    6.) Forza Motorsport 3
    7.) CoD: MW 2
    8.) Assassins Creed 2
    9.) Left 4 Dead 2
    10.) Garrys Mod! (Does that count?)

  21. It’s hard to rank newer games against older ones but not for the reason most people site. For myself the older games I still play have the unfair advantage of having stood the test of time already. With newer games it’s harder to say what I will still think is one of the best games ever 20, 10, or even 2 years down the road.

    1 Deus Ex
    2 System Shock 2
    3 Knights of the Old Republic
    4 Fallout 3
    5 Mass Effect
    6 Super Metroid
    7 Myth II
    8 Guild Wars
    9 Metroid Prime
    10 Oni

    Honorable mentions: Morrowind, Red Alert, Assassin’s Creed

  22. I had a Colecovision; I’ve never heard of War Room, but it looks like fun (although not maybe not so much when I was 6).

    I agree that CoD4 is one of the best games of this generation. I’m almost embarrassed about the numbers of hours (read: days) I have put in to MP. Infinity Ward definitely got it right.

  23. Yea i remember what a magical nightmare paradise experiance DOOM was when i first played it. This was like a demonic portal materialised forth by my computer where i could step through my monitor and experiance something out of a Italian horror zombie sci-fi doomsday movie in the quiet of my very own room.

    Top ten i can think of at the moment:

    1.Battleforce by Ralph Reed for the Commodore Amiga. Best most detailed strategy version of the BATTLETECH boardgame i have yet to play.

    2.Cyberstorm- more mechs and strategy but this time they’re called Hercs. Loved the gruesome death clips whenever one of my guys died in their exploding Hercs.

    3.Mechwarrior 2- Battletech in a virtual fluid environment.

    4.BLOOD- every blimey horror movie rolled into one maniacal psychotic death drenched 3dgore shooter.

    5.Might And Magic 7- I love 6+8 but 7 got it perfectly with the graphics along with the always interesting storyline. Playing Arcomage was is a blast.

    6.Carmageddon- The perfect stress reliever when ones passive aggressive elderly neighbor is in one of their wanting attention moods. Ah the joy of destroying other racers cars while mowing down terrified screaming civilians.

    7.Tes 2 Daggerfall- The closest thing to live roleplaying i have yet to see.

    8.Tes 3 Morrowind- A startling change from previous TES rpgs but am still playing since 2002 so gotz no complaints 😀 When i saw mods being made for it just like my favorite 3dshooters Quake Arena and Unreal Tournament i wet my pants at the possibilities! Talk about ones ultimate fantasies coming true.

    9.Tes 4 Oblivion- Rai ai,the loot,the monsters! The Shivering Isles! The mods! especially the ones by AlienSlof and Pepsi ha ha 😀

    10.The Legacy- One of the first games i played on my first intel based pc after Commodore went out of business. It was like living in a horror movie or jumping into a HP Lovecraft story. The sounds the visuals the pacing was stunning in its delievery. One of the first games that showed me anything was possible on computers.

    Honorary mention goes to Tes Arena. I still remember that lumbering ogre or giant in one of the dark caves that looked like some walking nightmare incarnation of Death come to snatch my life away never to be heard from the outside world ever again. It was also a shock when leaving the first dungeon and seeing the ghostly fairy like female apparaition telling me she was dead a rotting corpse now beyond help but i had to continue my quest. That was like WTF? Buetiful fairy like women arent supposed to die in rpgs!? Talk about realism. Then there were the city hookers….

  24. Great Magilla Gorilla! I forgot to mention FALLOUT 3! Forgive me! Forgive me! I just got lost in the retro memories of it all..

  25. 1. Ultima VI: The False Prophet
    2. Fallout 3
    3. Wing Commander / TIE Fighter
    4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    5. Goldeneye
    6. Myst
    7. Super Mario Brothers
    8. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
    9. Bioshock
    10. Diablo II

    Honorable mention: Thief: The Dark Project, Bruce Lee (Commodore 64), Secret of the Silver Blades, Metroid Prime, Dead Space, Super Mario 64, Resident Evil 5, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Syndicate, Mean Streets, Super Mario Brothers 3, Castlevania, Kid Icarus, Metroid, Metal Gear, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Overlord, and many others…

  26. My favorites

    3:Civilization 4
    4:Diablo 2
    5:Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl
    6:Tekken 5
    7:Gran Turismo 3
    8:Unreal 2004
    9:Fifa 09
    10:Mass Effect

    These are the games I have spent most hours on playing, therefor they made my list:)

  27. In no particular order
    1. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    2. Secret of Mana
    3. Duke Nukem
    4. Deus Ex
    5. Morrowind
    6. Asheron’s Call
    7. Interstate ’76
    8. Twisted Metal
    9. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (w/ realism multiplayer mod)
    10. the game project I will one day lead! 😉