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  1. Congratulations Bethesda! May many a Playstation players moments be sweet with slaughter and rich with scavenged loot. Oh and emotionally stirring with rpg depth.

  2. dear bethesda, I really hope you are reading this, because I live in Norway, and it is 5:17 in the morning, october 2 here…… you know what that means right? that my play station sud have goten these DLC’s a day ago, and in a way it did, my PSN updated and everything, but without the DLC’s. if I go on to the PSN there is a little reasent window there, wich actually, believe it or not, is linking to the pitt. but when I click it, it says that I cant purchase this item, and I am not the only one with this problem,

    so I am begging you, tell sony to get it fixed soon, cuz I have wated in so many months for this, that you cant even believe it,
    and if not….. well then I am going to say I feel discriminated as an PSN user and a Norwegian.

    but it is strange sense I got broken steel last week, and all the trailers for the other DLC’s is there, so please figure it out.
    I WANT to use money on your produckt.

    regards an upset norwegian

  3. Side question: Should all of the codes for the free Xbox theme to be sent out by now. I’ve bought all 5 off the Xbox DLC way before the deadline. I’ve yet to get an email. 🙁

  4. Extremely disappointed as The Pitt and Operation Anchorage are STILL not available on PSN UK despite being advertised as being available on 1st October! What gives? This is poor Bethesda.

  5. Don’t want to complain, but The Pitt didn’t show up at PSN (Norway) 1st October.

    I first found it today (2nd Oct), but Operation Anchorage is still missing…

    Anyway, I think something went wrong, because I bought The Pitt for only 9.99 NOK (and that’s like 1.70 USD)… Guess it sums up for the delay 😛

  6. Well, it’s 3rd October and I’m still waiting for Operation Anchorage… I actually DON’T blame you Bethesda, this is Sony’s problem.

    P.S: I checked the price for The Pitt, and it’s normal again (75 NOK = 13 USD). Lucky I bought it when I did! 😀

  7. Just wondering does the ps3 version of the pitt and operation anchorage have the same issues as the 360 and pc versions? because ive been watching alot of youtube vids and theres alot of crap wrong woth those versions and id really hate to have to deal with the same problems when you guys have had plenty o time to fix them………… please respond!!!!

  8. on fallout 3 DLC i was disappointed for Anchorage its just 1 single place & no other to it, but i’d like to know is mothership zeta quest availible for ps3 DLC??

  9. Again dodging the price question from the previous posts. Why are PS3 users expected to pay 20% more than 360 users for the same content that was available to them months ago?

  10. yeah i just bought point lookout and its pretty cool nice job bethesda! iv only seen one glitch where my auto ax is invisble so it looks like im cutting things up with my bare hands lol