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Hope everyone has had a great week. Here’s a web roundup with some of the latest news I’ve come across.

This week we’ve got a trio of Splash Damage developers answering questions about Brink. Over the last three days, Xbox 360 Achievements has been updating their site with new segments featuring Creative Director Richard Ham. Click the links for interviews one, two, and three. Be on the lookout for the final video tomorrow (I hear it’s a doozy).

Richard isn’t the only answering questions. Edge has a two-part interview with Senior Game Designer Ed Stern. Head to these links (part 1, part 2). As the intro indicates, you can expect more coverage on Brink in the upcoming issue of Edge — due out on October 27th.

Meanwhile, Hooked Gamers hooked up with Paul Wedgwood for more details on the game. Here’s a great answer to one of the questions I hear most often about the game:

Hooked Gamers: It is possible to join any running game, turning a single player game into a multiplayer game. How does this work? How do people find each other when they are already playing? Is it possible to join a running game on either side of the conflict?

Paul Wedgwood: Yes – I’ll explain. In Brink you take on a combat role that suits your playing style, and then fight through different environments to complete big objectives as part of a coordinated squad. When you first start playing offline, you’ll play alongside an AI squad. When you see a friend come online, you can invite them in (up to seven of them), and they’ll join your game, replacing your AI squad mates.

For more on that answer and the remainder of the interview, head here.

News on Fallout 3 and WET after the jump.

Before the launch of WET, we shared this post highlighting the game’s release party. Turns out Electric Playground has interviews and footage from the event. Watch the video above.

For more on WET, check out reviews at GameVisions, DBTechno, and a 10-minute video review at 4 color rebellion.

With the release of Broken Steel on PlayStation 3, a few new reviews are up. Check out impressions at Gamer Limit and PlayStation Network @ Home.

Speaking of Fallout 3, Pete Hines recently caught up with Lithuanian site for a new interview. Check out a snippet from the interview below…

Is Fallout 3 developers team including you, test some game fans made modifications? Maybe you have some tips for game fans, who develops this game modifications?

We do play and look at the mods and plugins. There’s so many you could never play them all. One of the things we really like is that there is a really well established mod community for The Elder Scrolls, with people who have spent a LOT of time making mods and plugins and using our tools. So to see them pitching in to help out folks just getting into modding with Fallout 3 has been terrific. It’s a really great community and very cool to see the more experienced folks helping out others.

That’s all the news for now. Until the next time…

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  1. Great news!

    And, in case you’ve missed it. Richard Ham (Creative Director at Splash Damage) made an appearence on the community-page answering lots and lots of questions concearning (mostly) the competitive aspects of Brink.

    You can find a summarize of the Q&A on the (click my name for a direct link!), a dedicated Brink fansite (and one of the best updated overall) for Scandinavians.