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  1. Any chance that those of us who have purchased all 5 of the DLC, but missed the Sept 22nd cutoff, will be able to enjoy this theme for free? We still put down the extra $50 for the DLC like everyone else 🙂

  2. hey are you still sending out the codes still. I bought the DLC packs twice over and haven’t heard a thing any feedbacks great…

  3. @gstaff,

    I purchased all 5 DLC’s the day they came out. I haven’t heard anything either.
    I checked my contactinformation and i’m checking the right email inbox.
    Something went wrong? Or are they still sending out the tokens?

  4. Thanks for the free theme, we’ll see if it can beat my Perfect Dark premium theme though ;), Fallout 3 robbed more hours of my life….. 😀

  5. Definitely seems like some people not in the UK or the US but who purchased the English version have yet to receive their codes.

    I’m in the Republic of Ireland (again only English available to us just like Frenkieh above), both my cousins and brother (in the UK) have received theirs, and we all bought the DLC at roughly the same time (except Project Zeta, I purchased that a little later, but well within the Sept 22nd deadline).

    Have also checked my contact info and are checking the correct email (which is my main personal email).

    Could you give us an update as to why some of us still haven’t received our code?

    This is my GamerTag (MrRedDog) so by all means use this to RCA why some of us haven’t yet received them. Suspect a SQL Query didn’t go right 😉

    Many thanks

  6. @gstaff,

    I have purchased all the DLC’s on their release date (english version, Xbox360)and after not getting an email about the Free Theme, i checked on and my email address was wrong, I have changed it now and was wondering if i can still recieve my redeem code.
    My GT – Noodle 144 2k8

  7. No codes here in Finland either. Checked my contact info ect – all correct. GT Ciryon.

    And I believe we also have only the English versions.

  8. I was eligible for the free token, but my email account that microsoft had was deleted before I got it, is there any way that I can get it re-sent?