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  1. Bit sad with Mothership Zeta
    General Chases Overcoat is STILL bugged….

    You guys got a whole 3 months to iron out the bugs and you missed the most obvious one?


  2. And now that you’ve got Fallout 3 officially all out and done with, you can start telling us what “new project” you guys have been working on these past months… Unless you feel like waiting till after the first TES book is out…(you better not wait until the second book–my new computer I’m getting at the end of the year will probably be outdated by the time that next game comes out if you wait *that* long ;))

  3. Well guys Ive been waiting for Mothership Zeta to hit, and I would like to have played it but there is only problem I cant. I cant seem to go anyfurther when I get brought aboard. The alien in the back moves repeatedly in the same motion, but aside from that nothing. PLEASE FIX thank you.

  4. still, still no word on non-english version of the dlc’s. i guess bethesda won’t release it like they neither did with shivering isle?

  5. Haha, i saw this in my RSS feed and thought “wait i already have them, they are just released? Oh yeah! its for those guys, I long completed those DLCS”

  6. Point Lookout just became the worst DLC. It just kicked Operation Anchorage out of the top spot for being unplayable. During gameplay in Point Lookout, I was persistent into trying to play, until it actually kicked me out of the game. I think they should have just given Broken Steel and pay more attention on the others. I can’t endorse these DLCs until their problems have been resolved. Too bad, cause the DLCs look great… on youtube videos.

  7. Yet again dodged the question. A recent interview with a Sony rep on Eurogamer told us that developers/producers set the prices on PSN so I ask you for the fourth time in as many weeks Bethesda: why are PS3 users paying a premium for a much belated (and apparently unimproved) port of content that entered the market some 10 months ago?

    Furthermore, despite the delays and the premium price the DLCs seem to be affected by the same bugs that the 360 users reported several months ago. As both a gamer and a QA Tester myself all I can say is bad form Beth. A very disappointing situation, but given Bethesda’s past form on the PS3, hardly surprising, unfortunately.

  8. Martyr perhaps Sony had a say in this aswell? Theres always two sides to the story.

    So there! Bethesda and Sony are both greedy! Ha ha just kidding or am i a naive fool???

  9. I downloaded all the dlc content for fallout3 (ps3), broken steel (worked ok),Operation Anchorage (bugged but managable), The Pitt (bugged but manageable), Point Look out (bugged un playable) it freezes every cple min, mainly when i’m engaging other friend/foe, I suppose bethesda has made enough money that it thinks “to hell with all you complainers”. i just want my money back

  10. I want my money back for several of the DLC episodes… Just downloaded Mothership Zeta for PS3 and can’t get past the abduction, meaning it’s completely unplayable. The other episodes I somehow managed to play through despite an enormous amount of freezes and sudden quits. Bethesda, how do I go about getting my money back for a non-working DLC? I will not wait X months for a possible patch/bugfix, releasing something this buggy is a complete rip-off.

  11. cant get past the abduction on mother ship zeta also when i loaded an old save to try ti again my arm is bright blue and my pip boy has gone shiney silver all tho im not that angry about this because it looks kind of cool but still by reading the posts it looks like a common thing so please fix it by bringing out an update please dont just ignore us i love fallout 3 and i dont want stop being a fan of it because of this